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Shit's Not Lit, Fam - 59%

Thumbman, December 14th, 2016

F.A.M. (Furor Arma Ministrat) has released an essentially disposable grindcore album for their sophomore full length. While these guys are undoubtedly competent and I have no reason to doubt their technical chops, they don't produce anything memorable and this is basically an album composed entirely of filler.

Riff after riff are paraded around, but none are worthy of any attention. After a while, the riffs tend to blur together into one huge cesspool of monotony. They're all pretty aggressive, but they all kind of seem like they were shat out on the spot. There's not even one riff that stands out and rips you a new one, they're all just kind of there, which is saying a lot since this is a very riff-oriented album. They're definitely more on the death metal side of things for grindcore, but grindcore's crust roots do make themselves visible at times.

These guys aren't bad at their instruments, the problem is they don't do anything interesting with them. The guitar has a great sense of rhythm and gets quite fast. It's not an ability problem, it's a riffs sucking problem. The drummer likewise isn't bad at all, but the dude never really wavers from the beaten path. The production is quite good, it sounds big and has some bite to it, and would easily do good riffs some justice. The barking growls are alright, but like everything else, they really aren't anything special. They also tack a My Dying Bride cover in at the end but still manage to make it sound like every other song besides being a bit slower at times.

Overall, there isn't really much to say about this than it's monotonous deathgrind, that while played competently and produced well, has routinely lame riffs and nothing to set it apart. Next.