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Rather Forgettable - 58%

DeathRiderDoom, January 12th, 2011

For a while, Ezy Meat were a band I avoided for various reasons until I finally succumbed to curiosity and surrendered a year or so ago and investigated this second LP. Those of you who know me will know I am the butt of many jokes concerning my unhealthy obsession with NWOBHM, and my fixation with bands no one has either heard of, or finds any merit whatsoever in – I truly enjoy a lot of no-name NWOBHM acts that are passed off as average at best and I only loathe a few (Bollweevil being one example). For some reason, I was convinced Ezy Meat were ripe for this category – I had heard a few things here and there, and for some reason always associated them with other poor-quality acts like Blackmayne and Blackwych.

Upon first acquiring this record, I was pretty much ready to lump the band into this category, the poor production, lack of enthusiasm and dynamism in the material, and its lack of heaviness was some what of a turnoff, and the record sat there unlistened for sometime. On resurgence however, my tune has changed somewhat on this one. Sure it’s not the dynamo effort of Cloven Hoof or the stunning occultism of Incubus or the prog NWOBHM moldings of Chasar or even the pop/rock anthemism of Girlschool or Saxon, but this material is a cut above the weakest of the genre. What it has on it’s side are some really neat, dirty guitars courtesy of Ian Lavery, which permeate the material throughout – ‘Rock Your Brains’ – a rather silly title anthem, grinds out with boogie style NWOBHM guitar in the style of Predatur, punch things up in the crunchy ‘I Never Met a Woman’. And kick one in the guts in ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’.

Eslewhere is where the band falls down. A cool boogie rock guitar sound is let down by lets face it – uninventive song ideas and lyrics. ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ fails to carry through with the menacing threat it claims– rather lacking in enthusiasm and growl for a track of this subject matter. ‘Rock your Brains’ is a pretty weak attempt at a rock anthem – failing to have the punch of contemporaries like EF Band though attempting things in a similar vein. The cool rocking boogie guitars may reach their peak in the rather bitchin’ ‘So Tired’ however, a highlight that, like NWOBHM should, serve as a great whiskey drinkin’, hard rockin’ aide. Vocals in this one are a bit of a let down –a bit rough, snarly and not enough tune to them, they really could bring the material to life a bit more, even if the lyrics themselves are a down-point. For example, despite a great dirty guitar sound throughout, and what feels like a an intro really building to something nice and dirty, ‘I Gotta Run’ quickly flops into amateur territory, with feeble lyrics that barely make sense, and unimaginative vocal delivery of them.

Despite some promise, this album really lets itself down. While feeling like an early demo, this is the band’s second LP and feels a bit too amateurish, ill-thought out and sloppy for this stage in the bands career. It’s not all bad – background NWOBHM music sure, and of course, I can excuse the production – but the band really lacks in inventiveness a bit – weak vocals, weak song structures that are too straight forward and formulaic, and lyrics that are boring really keep this band from achieving anything here except by the numbers, forgettable sorta material. Not quite in the worst bands of the genre territory, but far from being the cream that rises to the top. I enjoy the guitars of Lavery, and think he could have done well if he hooked up with another band over in England, and created something a bit better. Not really recommended, but as I mentioned, not in the lowest echelon.