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Ban most of their songs, and this album will rock - 55%

Corimngul, November 11th, 2006

NWOIHM is more of a humoristic term than one with a meaning. Anyway, that’s what Ezy Meat’s been called as the music reminds a lot of the contemporary British scene, even though there wasn’t much Irish metal before Thin Lizzy - and Ezy Meat is very influenced that band. The most notable British influences include early Iron Maiden and Jaguar.

Ezy Meat was a tour and demo band, until their personal friend Vivian Campbell decided there was quality in their demos and said they should record a full-length. They did, and he did the production, which might not have been the very best move. The production is quite bad, but forgivable if one is in a good mood. He was way out of line when it comes to the quality though.

Several of the songs are at demo level, and then there’s a masterpiece. The songs have the same range in style as well, from bike and party rock to the apocalyptic future vision ‘Ban the Bomb’. Too much of this trio’s work is just simplistic stuff, that really hasn’t lasted, even if the lyrics always appear well-written and the other songs have had a fair share of work put into the compositions.

It’s far from consistent, and it’s even far between the semi-highlights. If it wasn’t for ‘Ban the Bomb’, the epic in two parts, Ezy Meat would’ve been easy to forget about. It’s been reissued with a couple of compilation and demo tracks, but unless the price is low, it isn’t worth buying.