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Decent enough. - 70%

caspian, November 30th, 2008

Gotta admit the idea of Anal Cunt covering Sabbath is not really something that the world needs. Honestly though they do a decent enough job, and Eyehategod's jam is pretty damn cool.

Let's get our funny grind fellows out of the way quickly. They don't do a terribly bad job, really; the first tune is given a rather thick and chunky production, and while I don't think Seth does anything other then "arrrrgh" it kinda works, y'know, it's not too loud in the mix and gives the whole thing a bit of a freaky vibe. The second song is where AC flex their comedic muscles and honestly I find it pretty amusing; the piano led intro to this Alright/Sabbra medley is pretty amusing when it bursts into some crazy grind, and the bizarre 80's cop-show soundtrack with retard vocals that's the last half is pretty amusing. Could've been worse, for sure.

Eyehategod go for a pretty cool Sabbath jam; not really going for anything terribly obscure and going for mostly stuff off the Paranoid. It's hardly a necessary song, as it basically sounds like a garage band jamming through some Sabbath riffs. Not actively offensive, it's tight and sounds good, I'd rather have some full songs, that's all. There's a sweet loose groove running through most of this, but it's definitely the kind of stuff that would work better live. All in all, though, it's not all that bad, just not hugely interesting.

Overall, then: meh, not really worthwhile picking up unless if you're a Eyehategod or AC completist. It's not bad, just a bit redundant.