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Eyeconoclast - Clustered Dead Ending Corridors - 65%

Phuling, April 23rd, 2008

I didn’t really like this demo the first couple of spins, and my initial thought was that they were just trying to be a bit artsy fartsy. But well, after a couple of more listens I started to grasp the idea of Eyeconoclast.

Clustered Dead Ending Corridors offers a variety of influences and styles cramped into a thrash/death demo. While taking the energy from thrash metal they take the brutality of death metal, but as I said it doesn’t stop there. Tons of melody gets a play, and some times too melodic and I get a scary In Flames vibe (and since I pretty much despise said band it’s not a good thing), but for most parts they manage to keep the melody vs. brutality drama at a good level. While the title track, which also happens to be the opening track, offers both heavy churning with a Soulfly twist as well as highly energetic death-thrashing the following Overload 5790 goes off in such a blistering speed with riffing reminding me of Emeth. Even the older works of Impious comes to mind at times. I have absolutely no idea of these guys are inspired at all by the previously mentioned bands, but since these are the vibes I get I can easily state that there’s a lot of variation to the demo. And mixed in with all that variety is also a sort of hardcore-ish feeling of sudden back-ups and stop ‘n’ go’s.

It doesn’t hurt to have an extremely competent drummer absolutely nailing the tempo changes and fully handling both the slower and punishing breakdowns as well as the merciless grinding. Both the guitars and bass have a full and very heavy sound, and at times the guitars can do marvellous things. Vocal wise it goes from a harsh thrashy screaming to, well pretty much harsh thrashy screaming. That doesn’t mean monotonous, though, ‘cause there are a lot of variety offered at that point as well. Clean vocals can also be heard from time to time, but mostly in choruses.

You know, I’m surprised myself at how much praise this demo got. I guess it just took me a really good listen (well, a lot more than one, actually) to get it.

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