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A must-listen-to album in the funeral doom metal sub-genre - 100%

Gehenna Ravenell, May 12th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2013, 2CD, Kaotoxin Records (Limited edition, Digifile, Enhanced)

I still remember the first time I heard this album: I was walking on the street with my earphones. When I played the first song: Between two worlds (Occularis Infernum), I was unconscious about the magnificence this album had and still has, no matter the time. In the beginning, I heard the genre's correspondent instrumentals first, and later on the profound and astonishing growls of Daniel Neagoe. The quality of the sound had left me amazed at that moment. However, one of my preferred parts of the album was Daniel's clean singing. His voice can express real suffering, sadness, and desolation, which fits perfectly with the topics we usually listen to in funeral doom metal music.

Besides metal music, I also like literature. Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy is one of the must-sees classics. This album has a clear influence on this writing. You can check it by yourself in the songs’ titles, and, on the cover, you can see a man who is Charon indeed, the mysterious boatman that guides the dead to the underworld. Moreover, when I heard some of the verses with some plaintive choirs in the song I mentioned early, I felt so perplexed that I just stood still on the sidewalk.

One of the main objectives of music is making you feel emotions, and the members of Eye of Solitude knew it very well because I swear I could feel every single emotion impressed in each sound, in each singing, in all. This album mixes flawlessly classical orchestrations with funeral doom sounds, in the same way as growls with clean singings.

I have the thought that if the beginning of something is good, the rest of the product will be the same for sure. I was not wrong that time. Since, once at home, I listened to the rest of the following tracks. Those songs have the same intensity and emotions as the album’s first song.

I must admit that this was not the first album I listen to from Eye of Solitude, but this has a significant part in my metalhead's heart. Also, this one was the definitive album to say: "Fuck yeah!" to the funeral doom metal.

To finish, I highly recommend this album to all people that look for good and slow sounds of metal, that want to listen to brutal growls, and have the desire to feel an intense vortex of emotions.