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Disappointing. Third rate at best - 59%

morbert, April 28th, 2010

Well, after their not very original, sloppy BUT enjoyable, aggressive and entertaining debut ‘Possessed by Fire’ Exumer return within a year with a new vocalist as well as a new album. One would have hoped for a step up from the debut. Unfortunately ‘Rising from the Sea’ was more than one step down.

First of all new vocalist Paul Arakari lacks the enthusiasm, aggression but especially manic approach Mem von Stein had. Paul sounds a bit more laid back but his voice has more of a monotone gruff style than the Ventor-Araya attempts from the debut. Secondly the band, with the exception of drummer Syke Bornetto, have gotten tighter. Normally this is a good thing. In this case it is not. Becoming tighter in Exumer’s case results in becoming somewhat less energetic and as a result less thrashy! A lot of the energy that defined ‘Possessed By Fire’ feels lost.

It’s rather annoying in the end the funny ‘Are You Deaf?’ is pretty much the only truly memorable song on the album. The song almost sounds like Exumer found a previously unreleased S.O.D. song and quickly covered it, making them sound like Mucky Pup on the ‘Can’t You Take A Joke’ album. I must however say it still makes me laugh and I still think it’s a great typical eighties crossover tune.

In the songwriting department the band haven’t evolved either. Even worse, some parts here are blatant plagiarism. Try the verses on ‘Decimation’, and then play Slayer’s 'Reborn'. Know what I mean? Or even worse, the intro to ‘Shadows Of The Past’. Well hello ‘At Dawn They Sleep’ anyone? Painful!
Of course there are a few nice moments here. As I mentioned earlier ‘Are You Deaf’ is really great. But the title track has a great catchy chorus. And ‘I Dare You’ is a nice thrasher, worthy of their Possessed By Fire legacy.

‘Rising from the Sea’ is more than an inch short of ‘Possessed by Fire’ which already was an inch short of the great German trinity Kreator, Destruction and Sodom. Exumer degrade from second rate to third rate here and would soon evaporate. Do you like thrash and don’t know Exumer yet? Try ‘Possessed by Fire’ and if a few years later you still haven’t had enough thrash and really want to have everything thrashy from the eighties, then try this one.