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More Technical, But Not As Heavy Thrash - 83%

Desiple_of_The_Ice25, July 2nd, 2006

After hearing Possessed By Fire, I thought that these guys would be a real successful band, even though, Possessed By Fire was somewhat more simpler than this one. Not to mention, the vocals in my opinion are an improvement in terms of rage. Yet for some reason, Stein for some reason has this really uniqueness in his voice that I really like. I just find this guy to be much more appealing for Thrash. A few people compare him to Tom Araya, which I personally cannot see why other than the way he thrashes, but his voice itself I don't think sounds like Tom at all. I think this guy sounds more like a lower pitched version of Kurt Bachman from Believer.

This album is indeed solid, but for some reason I like Possessed By Fire much more, and really, I cannot understand why, because really the only greatness is that PBF was heavier. However, it wasn't heavier by much. I think one of the reasons why I still like PBF more is because I think the songs are much easier to get into as opposed to this one, which has more crap in it that I found unnessessary, example being that we really don't get a lot of new stuff here with the songs, AND the swearing. Swearing in my opinion shows NO tallent in writting, therefore should make this go down.

The album starts off with a little 8 second intro saying how the lyrics of the album might be considered offensive. Then we get introduced to some pretty kick ass thrash. Right from the get-go, the vocals come in giving us a real kickass vocalist. I think this guy's voice is real aggressive, and sounds awesome. He has a real good high pitched yell, which is cool.

I really do not think it is nessessary to review every song because as technical as they are, you're not missing a whole lot. Though the songs that I reall like are Wind Of Death, The First Supper and Shadows Of The Past.

Personally, the way this review is going makes it seem like this album should get lesser than 83, but I think that this is a worthy enough album to at least get what it is. Even though I really should review track by track, there really is not a lot to say other than that PBF is better, and heavier, but the technical aspect of this one more than make up for it.

BOTTOMLINE: Solid Thrash, Killer vocals (at least I like them), definately Exumer. Rising From The Sea is a good album that I recommend mostly to Exumer fans, because this definately is Exumer, with or without Stein. 83/100