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Welcome to the Wide World of Thrash! - 92%

UltraBoris, March 14th, 2003

This is one of the finest thrash albums ever to come out of Germany, combining the best of the early Bay Area sound with the sound of the first two Kreator albums. The album is replete with awesome riffs, similar to those used by Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, and others... even some Paradox ideas abound.

The great thing is, the huge variety of riffage - in the timing, and other characteristics. This is excessive, even by thrash standards here!! You will not get bored with this one - banging your head as if up from the dead!!

Hightlights... every fucking song!! From the Exodus-inspired "Xiron Darkstar " to the monster breaks in "Silent Death" or the title track, which are very reminiscent of a "Die By the Sword" or "The Antichrist" - or the main riffs of "A Mortal in Black", which is total "Riot of Violence"... how about that melodic intro to "Journey to Oblivion", or that nice fucking epic overtone to "Fallen Saint", which squeezes like 11 time changes into 4 minutes. "Tormentor" (Slayer) worship in "Sorrows of Judgement", or the Paradox-like intro to "Silent Death". Oh yeah, "Destructive Solution" borrows a "Deliver Us From Evil" riff, but hey - it's okay!

This runs a wide range of interesting riffs - total fucking headbanging mayhem. You like Pleasure to Kill? Show No Mercy? Bonded by Blood? You will dig the living fuck out of this one.