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Greatest Thrash Debut Ever? - 95%

Nailbomb, January 10th, 2005

Possessed By Fire has to be one of the finest debut Thrash albums I've ever heard and one of my favourite albums in general. It's full of so many great riffs that run through every song on the album. There is not one throw away track and it would keep even the most inattentive person interested.

This album is fast, heavy and even though it can have a chaotic feel at time, never sounds as if it's out of control and will keep you headbanging throughout. Comparing Exumer to early Exodus wouldn't be far from the truth.

Stand-out tracks are, Possessed By Fire with it's fast and catchy riffs, Reign Of Sadness with it's catchy and sing along type chorus which reminds me of early Anthrax and Xiron Darkstar and A Mortal In Black with their simple, yet catchy riffs that make you want to headbang like crazy, though you'll be headbanging to every song on this album.

Even by today's standards this album is fairly unique, just like it was back when it was released.

If you like classic Thrash, this is an album you must check out.