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Come! Obey! - 86%

Metal_Jaw, June 27th, 2012

If you've never heard of Exumer, then you're in for a Teutonic treat. There were a number of bands back in the day who were buried under the more immense popularity of Destruction, Sodom and Kreator. One of these guys was Exumer, who, thanks primarily to this album, still retains a respectable cult following to this day. "Possessed By Fire" may not be the best German thrash album ever, but it certainly is damn good and does deserve the recognition it only seems to sparingly get.

Exumer is basically a German take on Slayer and Exodus, mixing their natural, crunchy Teutonic vibes with the guitar-happy NWOBHMish aggression of some of the Bay Area boys. Vocalist Mem Von Stein has your usual Germanic rasp growling, yet a tad bit cleaner usually some nifty shrieks thrown in more good measure. His bass, as probably could imagine, gets buried a bit but isn't invisible. He's keeps the rhythm all right enough and dishes out a few solid fills. Guitarists Bernie Siedler and Ray Mensh make a formidable duo with their Hanneman/King-type trade-offs and shredding. Syke Bornetto rounds it out on the kit, and he's a good drummer in all fairness. Nothing great, but really good. He doesn't over-rely on double-bassing, and offers up quite a few strong technical moments to boot.

The nine songs on "Possessed By Fire" range from decent to really good. Some favorites: "COME! OBEY! DESTRUCTIVE SOLUTION!!!" It has that killer chorus and power speed that's pretty damn cool. Then the beloved "Fallen Saint" with its overt and memorable main riff, as well as the infamously "Black Magic"-sounding riffing during the chorus. The title track is pretty cool with some neat time changes, a moody intro, solid speed picking and some interesting melodic moments. "Xiron Darkstar" (how fucking cool is that title?!) is manic Exodus worship with one of the best solos on the album, short as it may be. Closer "Silent Death" is also really awesome, armed with a mixture of chugging and faster moments, as well as another lethally catchy riff or two thrown in.

Overall, "Possessed By Fire" isn't the greatest German thrash album, but it certainly is really good. Most of the songs are a really good listen, so if you can ever find this album, do not hesitate to add it to your collection; you won't be sorry!