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Killer Thrash, But More Simplistic Than Technical - 83%

Desiple_of_The_Ice25, June 27th, 2006

Me being a Metal fan LOVES the earlier stuff, by earlier stuff, I mean old Thrash. My favorite bands are Believer, Wrath, Macabre, Possessed, and Testament, so a lot can see the sound that I prefer. I was checking out Vibrations Of Doom, and found a lot of bands, and one of them was Exumer. Of course I listened to a sample first, and I really enjoyed what I heard. Later on, I thought I would check them out farther by looking them up here. Of course I read some good things about them, and after hearing some great things about this album, I thought I would check it out. After I didn't just hear every song, I listened to every song, and realized "what the hell, I'll write a review." After all, I loved what I was listening to.

Now, one of the major itches I had when reading up on this, and listening to it myself was that it was NOT as great as it was said. According to some of the reviews, in a nutshell and my way of interpretting it claimed that this was highly technical. Don't get me wrong, there is some really great technical stuff, but a lot of it is because of the progression and the clean/chorus guitar riffs. A lot of the riffs are VERY simple and just constantly galloped or tremolo picked power chords. Pretty much, I am saying that if you ignore the intensity and brutality of the album, you're not missing a lot. In many respects, like Possessed By Fire, Fallen Saint, and so on, it's pretty much just typical which really made me feel that I didn't get what I expect. Lesson learned, keep ALL expectations LOW.

First off here, we get Possessed By Fire. It's a pretty kick ass track, and has a nice creepy intro. Now, there are lots of double kick, and in some ways, at least in my point of view, to have a lot of Speed Metal influences because of the non stop drumming. I like to think of it as more really fast thrash. Thrash metal of course being the key sound, but its a really heavy track. An interesting start if you're expecting your typical thrash sound. In some ways, Mem Von Stein some what reminds me of Corporate Death from Macabre when he deliver's the high pitched scream. 7/10.

Destruction Solution is up next, and so far, this is my favorite song on the album. This is definately one of the more technical songs. The intro is definately heavy, fast, and technical. Then the song without expecting it, goes to a much more sinister sound. In the middle of it, we get this kind of soft melody with a nice little simple solo. I like a lot of Thrash metal numbers that have that kind of sound. A definate and positive change from Possessed By Fire. 10/10.

Fallen Saint is really heavy, and for some reason, this song reminds me a lot of some of the stuff from Exorcist's Nightmare Theatre for about a good 35 seconds, then when Stein starts chanting FALLEN SAINT we get this nice sinister way to get the crowd headbanging, but it's a little simple though, but thats okay. As the song goes on, right in the middle, we get a progression, a nice solo and back to the chorus. 8/10

A Mortal In Black sounds very much like a continuation of Fallen Saint, because the tune, and speed are VERY much alike, also not to mention, this song is right after Fallen Saint, so there you go. Unfortunately, this song is pretty much just a throw away meant for headbanging only, nothing merely special here, just a nice offering of headbanging deliverance without redemption though. 7/10.

Sorrows Of The Judgment comes in bringing us a nice Crunchy thrashed intro. Now, this song has some what hope to be something special, especially since it's more different than the generic A Mortal In Black. Believe it or not, this song has a lot of interesting progressions, and some of the progressions coming in to be unexpected. That's one of the reasons I love this song a lot. Cool Tune guys, 8/10.

Xiron Darkstar starts off with an intro that doesn't quite suite to belong as an intro, but more of a bridge or a progression after a solo. This song seemed to be somewhat inspired by Fallen Saint, and has A LOT of that kind of Possessed-esque quality from the EP Eyes Of Horror with the more heaviness of Seven Churches. This is a pretty good song, and seems to be more of an instrumental, since Stein doesn't thrash his voice for very long, only for like 15 seconds in the beginning and maybe 40 seconds towards the end. I like this one a bit. 8/10

Reign Of Sadness is a pretty good thrash number with a more different sound than the thrash that a lot of are used to if you are into the more vintage shit. Now, there really isn't much to say other than that it's a different take on thrash if you're expecting the more tremolo picked guitar riffs with half beat drums and constant yelling. Not to say that this one is all that technical, but it is a pretty good song, even though it's not nessessarily one of the best. 7/10.

Journey To Oblivion is a KILLER tune. Definately one of the best because of the guitars, and the drums. I love the way that this one was put together. This song is a real headbanger with more of the technical element as opposed to the simpler stuff that is on this album. The guitar solo though is pretty much the same, which I should have mentioned, is pretty much on the same level as every other guitar solo on the album. Still though, a killer tune. 9/10.

Silent Death is one of the more catchy songs, with nothing really too special. Just a decent song to end the album. Personally, I would have prefered something along the lines of a Destruction Solution quality song to end the album. But still, it's an alright tune. Interesting way to end the album, and one of the things I like about this song is that for some reason, Stein has some what of a Gary Golwitzer quality to his voice, and with having said that, that's is a good thing in my book because (now you may think I am crazy) Gary Golwitzer is one of the favorite vocalists. To kind of say what Stein's voice sounds like is Don Doty with influences of Tom Araya and Gary Golwitzer. Unfortunately, you're not missing much with this song. Just a decent ending. 7/10.

BOTTOMLINE: I know a lot of the songs ranged a seven, and this album isn't exactly as good as some may say, but I still like it a lot. Highlights I would say are Destruction Solution, Fallen Saint, and Journey To Oblivion. I do recommend this to anybody who loves bands like Dark Angel, Slayer, Possessed, and possibly Kreator (since after all, like Kreator, Exumer is german). Unfortunately, there's not A LOT you're missing, since this could have been a lot more. It would have been an 85, but nah, I think it deserves a little less than that. 83 in my opinion is fair enough.