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This is okay I guess? - 67%

Noktorn, September 5th, 2008

This is first and foremost a crust punk release, so if anyone tells you otherwise you know to get unnecessarily angry at them and immediately sever all contact.

Most crust punk sounds almost exactly the same to me so unless something is absolutely a cut above the standard of the genre, it's hard for me to find it very impressive. This release is not one of those few. I know that it sounds 'good' and listenable, but all crust punk pretty much sounds like this so I have no clue if this is good crust punk or not (a problem that arises pretty frequently when I'm listening to crust). This is Extreme Noise Terror at essentially their most unrefined, and while it's good enough to listen to, it doesn't have enough going on to really make me come back again and again.

Most crust punk fans are like most metal fans: as long as a piece of music adheres to the aesthetics of the genre, they're happy to listen to it. And so, in that regard, this Extreme Noise Terror release would please most crust fans as it has all the typical elements of crust: high/low vocals, massive guitar and bass distortion carving out very simple three or four chord riffs, and drumming that revolves around d-beats and, in a slight departure from the standard, some blast beats (as Extreme Noise Terror was something of a pioneer in crust/grind). But aside from the occasional foray into more grinding territory, this is utterly conventional in just about every regard. The only point at which I can remember this deviating from crust/grind convention is on 'I'm A Bloody Fool' (I own the 22-track CD reissue of this release) which is for some reason a total Sex Pistols style punk rock track with harsher vocals.

Now it all sounds good. The songs are simple and enjoyable. The fact is that as enjoyable as this is, generic death metal is enjoyable also in a primitive way. And since I can't tell that there's anything particularly notable about this despite its enjoyability, I'm sort of forced to conclude that this is rather generic too. I dig later Extreme Noise Terror when they started to expand their sound more, and I like this too, but I don't have a significant REASON for liking it. It's just crust punk, and while the aesthetics of that genre are cool and all it doesn't offer much beyond that.

Anyway, if you like crust/grind stuff, you'll probably like this even if you don't know why you do.


ZombiHolocaust, January 23rd, 2008

Now that's a fuckin' appropriate title, as it's all you'll hear. Fuckin A, just in time for the Holidays, we got the noise fest of the year! In early '87 hardcore legends Chaos UK had a triumphant return with probably their most powerful album to date. But wait, that's not all!!! On the flipside of the rekkid was a insane, ugly wall of Thrash known as Extreme Noise Terror!
ENT single handedly got Thrashers ready for the Grindcore onslaught of Napalm Death and Macabre. With a superb, very HEAVY guitar tone, and an unsatiable need for speed, ENT were THE next step for Noisy Hardcore that Disorder and Chaos UK started. Bro's this is Crust at its most raw and finest.

Don't be fooled that this raging slab is on the Strange Fruit label. John Peel noticed the bands dedication to the extremes and rightfully put them in his studio and the band thrashed their guts out. The band just rocks out catchy effective Crossover riffs like Motorhead, but with a Death Metal guitar tone, Chainsaw vocals, and proto blast beats. Just listen to the first track. False Prophets was featured on the classic debut and sounds even more brutal and twice as fun!!! Gotta give it up to the band, they got more tight and more powerful in only a couple months! Another Nail In A Coffin rages right after. The tone of the guitar is fuckin killer. Very reminicent of Hellhammer and Possessed, this makes the band tower over thousands of incompetent Hardcore bands. Vocals are as good as it gets in the genre: a loud deep chainsaw that bravely and skillfully follows the extremety of the riffs. As Use Your Mind starts, the feedback literally splits your eardrums into pieces and your brain turns to jelly. Before you go eternally deaf, the catchy Thrash assault barges in! Song four, Carry On Screaming is a Masterpiece of Speedcore/Crust! A very catchy Thrash Metal riff played in to oblivion while the two vocalist's sing off each other! This track must be heard to be believed. I can't imagine any song being this perfectly extreme and fun at the same time! It's a mess but the guitars/drums in this Tornado of Chaos are incredibly tight and the two belching razor vocalists just tear it up! (Example BR BR BR BR BR BR BR br br br br br br br br BRR BRR BRR BRR BRR BRR BRR BRR brr brr brr brr brr brr brr BRRbrr BRRbrr BRRbrr if you can translate that)

Side 2 brings another classic from the debut, it's great to hear it again, redone and more intense. Conned Through Life, is more of the same fun stuff.
Only In It For The Music is the obligitory noise track (as if the others weren't already!!!?) reaching grindcore speed. The one, two-one, two, three, four drum hit was done in Negative Approach short song barrier classic Lost Cause, but it's still nicely done here.

A def treat for Speedcore fanatics such as ourselves, and being kings of the faster of the Crust bands, ENT get props for tightening up their sound while keeping it brutal and intense. In the exciting era of crossover ENT do it right keeping the Metal guitar tone we all love and keeping the riffs very interesting. Even those not into mindless noise like Napalm Death's Scum will admit the excitement of the energy the band puts out. Also the songs are very distinctive. As groundbreaking as the Earache bands are, the songs sound more similiar to each other than ENT's. Along with Don't Be Swindle, War All The Time and the Straight Ahead and Final Warning albums, a great example of how Hardcore should continue, get this and have a noisy Holiday season!!! Chaotic to the Max.