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Roots Bloody Roots - 70%

Fulvio_Ermete, December 7th, 2008

Loyal followers of crust/core, Extreme Noise Terror have always been, together with Napalm Death, a huge admirer of Discharge, of whom they have always repeated – in a more extreme violent way – the teachings.

Differently from Napalm, who tried to evolve that fundamental sound (creating grind), Extreme Noise Terror preferred keeping the original approach unchanged, even if even they decided to make some death/grind experiment between the nineties and the new millennium (like the very good "Being And Nothing").

So, with the return of Phil Vane, after seven years the English band decides to make a step backwards and to return to that without compromises crust/core they were known for in the eighties and early nineties. This does not mean the grind/death elements have disappeared (see tracks like "Short Fuse", "Rat Hell", "Revenge"), but it's undeniable they wanted to get hold back of a particular identity.

Must we praise'em or condemn'em? The fault of "Law Of Retaliation" is a certain repetitiveness (but has it ever existed a not repetitive crust album?), but we must also admit there are not many dedicated bands to this kind of extreme punk (which has been little less important than Venom and Hellhammer in the birth of extreme metal) and that, without courageous bands like them or Driller Killer, may disappear for real. PS: I hope the start of "Screaming Fucking Mayhem" is a homage to S.O.D. in disguise...

Originally written for Silent Scream