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Extirpation - The Endless Storm

Eletrocution Strike - 80%

Nattskog7, November 25th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Chaos Records

Italian black-thrash metal mob Extirpation are back with a new mini-album of satanic savagery.

A minute long introduction brings us to the brink of extinction with war-like samples and ambient strings to set a solemn mood for the deathlike battery laying in wait. A four count brings in gloriously blasted drums with excellent use of the bell giving a melody to the percussion while the blisteringly icy riffing is pure black metal majesty. Seemingly, they have gone further into the blackness as the immediately dangerous meeting is a bit less thrashy than before, especially with the mournful vocals which howl in a more typically second wave fashion. That said, we do see plenty of those bestial rages and tempests of high-tempo exhumation that lend the exciting fury to Extirpation’s sound. One thing that is truly a step forward is the production which presents the music triumphantly, and cuts no corners in giving us some tasty bass presence which clunks ferociously through the menacing riffs and untamed drumming. A great start which shows Extirpation moving in a new direction but with integrity and confidence abundantly surrounding each step they take.

Sandwiched between the two longer songs are a couple of shorter bursts which utilise more of the stomping thrash metal that Extirpation have always favoured in their sound. These gritty numbers have so much filthy aggression and bite that this record definitely gives the best of both worlds. Like a presentation of the bands past, present and possible future which is cohesive and consistently venomous. Their occasional use of progressions has not gone away either, with these little weird flares emerging now and again just to throw us off in a really cool way that keeps things unpredictable. This dynamic and clever use of keeping old school black metal refreshing has to be marvelled as evidenced here by the wickedly fierce results. Though not necessarily doing anything new, which is fine by me, Extirpation do their thing in an ensnaring and adrenaline-fuelling manner that is impossible not to get into. Closing on the longest song, this finale feels appropriate, giving this short EP closure that makes it a valuable gem of underground carnage which feels like a complete body of work in its own right.

A strong and sturdy slab of extreme metal violence from Italy’s underground. As a big fan of their last full-length, I have to say this did not disappoint at all. Still harnessing pure evil and some stellar musicianship that does not shy away from showing their razor-sharp precision, this morbid foursome (well five with the intro) will have you headbanging in no time to the morbid sounds of devilish metallic hellfire.

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