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Extinctionist - World Extinction

Extinctionist - World extinction - 75%

Phuling, May 24th, 2011

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Extinctionist asking if I’m into brutal death metal and if I’d like to receive a promo of their debut album. I replied something along the line of ‘Yup, love it’. Little did I know that I would later receive a promo of another German act called Cytotoxin, and just absolutely fall head over heels in love with the band. And that’s when I realized they have a common denominator (besides the German thing); the vocalist Grimo.

So why don’t we kick things into gear by starting with the vocals. This is one talented dude. The variation in growling is really good, and it adds tons of nuances to the music. He goes through ‘em all, except for pure piglet squealing, and he does it with great power and constant conviction. Musically Extinctionist is as mentioned earlier brutal death metal, and more to the European side of things. There’s a technical adeptness, showcased in the sudden tempo changes, varied drum patterns and some wicked riffing. The abrupt recurrence of a guitarline in Fully automated aggression throws me across the Atlantic, and I realize there’s most definitely a healthy dose of the American variant as well (something that the riffing in Chant of the paradox solidifies). But a band that keeps popping up is actually Visceral Bleeding, and at times also the earlier material of Spawn of Possession. They definitely have a knack for sudden tempo changes, which can range from full-on blasting to an abrupt halt of technicality, or a moment of pure slamming goodness. Slamdome is just wickedly heavy and slamming all the way through.

There’s a lot of variation in the song-writing, and little quirks like a melodic guitarline makes it interesting. And while I do live it I still have to admit there’s room for improvement. First off the production’s not nearly as chunky and hefty enough to fully complement the chunky and heavy-as-shit music. But there are also a couple of slower sections that don’t have me fully convinced, like for instance a brief moment in The executionist, just after a killer riff, where the weird slow section just kills the flow. But still, overall it’s a bloody awesome album, and Extinctionist would fit in perfectly in the stall of Comatose Music, Brutal Bands or Sevared Records.

Originally written for My Last Chapter