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Extinctionist - World Extinction

Too much of meep-meeping! - 48%

Lane, May 12th, 2012

New brutal death metal from Germany. Extinctionist have been around since 2007, put out a demo ep in 2009 ('All Flesh Must Be Eaten') and their debut full-length album, 'World Extinction', saw the day of light in April 2011. The album's title is much too suited nowadays, as people are being destroyed by radioactive spreading all over the world from Fukushima, Japan, not to mention every other threat. "Is it?" you ask, and continue, "why is there nothing about it in the news?" Exactly, people, exactly. Why, indeed!

Enough of grim future visions no matter how true they are or will be. There's always time for a brutal death metal record lasting just over 30 minutes, right? Well, it of course depends on many things. Extinctionist's style is keeping their music in constant transition, both pace-wise and part-wise. This, of course, makes it uneasy to catch. Generally, the music varies from technical stuff to slamming heaviness. Mixing in grindcore is more than expected. One thing that this kind of music needs is good riffs. There are some, but not enough to lift Extinction above the gray mass of average brutality. No matter how unfashionable a band wants to be, I still want catchier songs, period.

The vocals vary between growling and squealing. The latter is one of my least favorite styles ever and plays a big part on this record. A guy sounding like a squealing pig, putting out things such as "wiuu-wiuu-wiuu", "meep-meep-meep" and "tweet-tweet-tweet" - how the fuck can someone enjoy hearing something like that? I don't feel it's extreme at all, but just very, very annoying. Lower vocals are practically lower-toned versions of squealing. The lyrics help to understand the topics, but not much about the actual "sung" words. If it didn't say "meep-meep", that is... I mean, there's no idea in sounding too "extreme", because here, for the most of time, it's just about making voices, not putting out actual words. About the lyrics, then. They are, surprise surprise, about the suffering or death of mankind, and many are inspired by H.P.Lovecraft and movies. Whoa, the band does one about 'Event Horizon', one of my favorite movies! Still, 'Claustrophobic Cacophony' doesn't strike me as a song...

The production is bass-heavy, but surprisingly clear for every instrument. It is also mostly an organic-sounding affair. A job well done. The painted cover art may not be very detailed, but looks okay for a death metal album cover. Well done for a band effort, surely.

So if you want your brutal death metal to be full of alteration and can stand some nasty pig squealing, 'World Extinction' just might be your perversion. Sadly, it's not mine. I've heard worse, because this is mainly well-done, but is a tad too jumpy and therefore uninteresting for me and features that "meep-meep-meeping"!!!

(originally written for in 2011)

Extinctionist - World extinction - 75%

Phuling, May 24th, 2011

A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Extinctionist asking if I’m into brutal death metal and if I’d like to receive a promo of their debut album. I replied something along the line of ‘Yup, love it’. Little did I know that I would later receive a promo of another German act called Cytotoxin, and just absolutely fall head over heels in love with the band. And that’s when I realized they have a common denominator (besides the German thing); the vocalist Grimo.

So why don’t we kick things into gear by starting with the vocals. This is one talented dude. The variation in growling is really good, and it adds tons of nuances to the music. He goes through ‘em all, except for pure piglet squealing, and he does it with great power and constant conviction. Musically Extinctionist is as mentioned earlier brutal death metal, and more to the European side of things. There’s a technical adeptness, showcased in the sudden tempo changes, varied drum patterns and some wicked riffing. The abrupt recurrence of a guitarline in Fully automated aggression throws me across the Atlantic, and I realize there’s most definitely a healthy dose of the American variant as well (something that the riffing in Chant of the paradox solidifies). But a band that keeps popping up is actually Visceral Bleeding, and at times also the earlier material of Spawn of Possession. They definitely have a knack for sudden tempo changes, which can range from full-on blasting to an abrupt halt of technicality, or a moment of pure slamming goodness. Slamdome is just wickedly heavy and slamming all the way through.

There’s a lot of variation in the song-writing, and little quirks like a melodic guitarline makes it interesting. And while I do live it I still have to admit there’s room for improvement. First off the production’s not nearly as chunky and hefty enough to fully complement the chunky and heavy-as-shit music. But there are also a couple of slower sections that don’t have me fully convinced, like for instance a brief moment in The executionist, just after a killer riff, where the weird slow section just kills the flow. But still, overall it’s a bloody awesome album, and Extinctionist would fit in perfectly in the stall of Comatose Music, Brutal Bands or Sevared Records.

Originally written for My Last Chapter