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Extermination Day - Be the Consequence

A Flame Restoked And Burning Bright - 80%

CHAIRTHROWER, August 7th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, CD, Hoove Child Records (Limited edition)

Although I sometimes view myself as MA's most gregarious steward in regards to the new wave of traditional heavy metal (a genre oft neglected here, in terms of reviewal fodder, compared to blackened, extreme fare), concede there comes a lightbulb flashed moment when it becomes rather challenging to find new ways to describe an energetic and melodically mid paced band such as say, Spain's Raptore, the modern day Latin equivalent of a limbo balancing Enforcer. (I also want to take a trio of cheap pot shots at Demon Chrome's latest singles surfeit, yet desist out of professional integrity).

Thus, I provide a neutral expose on Extermination Day's ten track, half-hour Be The Consequence full length debut (on 300 limited CDs, one of which eventually found its way home) under Hoove Child Records, that none too equestrian Windy City purveyor of classic Midwestern fare such as Black Sites, Hitter, Midnight Dice and Savage Master, to name a toppled few.

Comprised of drummer Jason Oberuc and everything (else) man Nate Towle of doomy Wicked Inquisition lore, much like Minneapolis Twins baseball club, Extermination Day has hit for the cycle with a no-name 2020 demo followed by sardonically titled EP, as well as token single and recent debut proper. Whilst Mister Towle's youthful, Sabbath bound solo project honored old school masters such as Pentagram and Witchfinder General, this time around, the material sounds fresh and original.

Despite these leaner developments, Nate's telltale mid level sneers hint of an unassuming cross between Bobby Liebling and Dave Grohl (not quite Kurt Cobain), on verge of of modern digital age driven far beyond metal lunchboxes and plastic action figures. You could even argue he sounds a bit like a supervillain, particular on the equally brief "Make Yer Bullets Count". Jason's energetic and plowing drums are as fine a compliment to X Day's rhythm section as Steve Pelletier's are to Joe Liszt's storied Ancient Empire, with accompanying groovy bass at the forefront. As for guitar, the sharp, Helmet-ish tone is crudity crisp. Additionally, each song features fair share of high flying, wing suited solos.

I was compelled to peg Be The Consequence as competent, yet by the numbers...until the second half and a second listen changed my loony tune. Comparable to a benevolent fungus, it grew on me. The best track subsides in "Crackin' Skulls" thanks to its debilitating kicker of an opening "Elvis on epinephrine" riff and ensuing palm muted main riff/squealer of a lead. You might even think of pre Midnight Boulder once good ole "Street Brawler" flexes its oil injected muscle in record time.

Packing this much density makes for a helluva explosion. Once the smoke bomb clears, it's safe to assume Extermination Day's Be The Consequence survives apocalypse.