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Some more music for old Tiamat worshippers! - 70%

dismember_marcin, March 26th, 2012

Few months have passed since the Expulsion’s debut “Cerebral Cessation” demo, but don’t be surprised when you listen to “Veiled in the Mists of Mystery”, because to my point of view both demos are different from each other! It looks like the band has worked quite hard during that short period of time and managed to progress musically and technically. First of all, the production these Swedes achieved in LJUDBYGGET Studio is more brutal, heavier and “meaty”. Music wise it’s still quite close to Treblinka / Tiamat, but at the same time it looks like Expulsion also tried to come up with slightly more individual style this time. But still there are many similarities between both bands. If you listen to “Darkside” it may remind you “Sign of the Pentagram” demo for instance (only the production is better, close to “Sumerian Cry”). This song has some very typical (for Tiamat) slowing downs and melodies, which were an important element of Tiamat / Treblinka demo period and “Sumerian Cry” LP. The same may be said about “Bastard Son of God”, a track, which could fit to “Sumerian Cry” very easily. Both bands play riffs, which have similar atmosphere and tempos, even structures are quite alike. Luckily the vocals have changed and so Anders’ voice isn’t performed in this demonic, ghoulish whisper in Johan Edlund’s style anymore. But with all that, I’m glad that Expulsion was also able to compose such cool and slightly different stylistically songs.

The best one I think is the title track. “Veiled in the Mists of Mystery” starts with really great melody, which reminds me (surprisingly) a theme from one of Hazael’s songs from “Thor” album (of course these Poles have recorded their cult CD few years after Expulsion did that demo...). This title song has many great parts and is perfectly composed, played in rather mid paced tempos, but is speeding up occasionally. But the melody – which doesn’t appear often in Expulsion music – is the biggest advantage of this song. There are even some acoustics in it, so this really is a classic Swedish death metal composition. “Undersea (Part II)” is also great as its slow riffage crawls heavily like a rhino and when is accompanied here and there by acoustic guitar it creates great, doomy atmosphere. So I can say that the second part of “Veiled in the Mists of Mystery” is my favourite fragment of the whole recording. But let’s be clear – the whole material is excellent, whether you’re into Tiamat or other bands, get this, as it’s amazing classic Swedish death metal effort.