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And if you thought 'Shovel' was their worst… - 10%

morbert, November 2nd, 2007

With releasing this piece of boredom called ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ Exodus certainly did their best to make their earlier 2005 album Shovel Headed Kill Machine sound like real thrash metal. Whereas on Shovel it was the horrid computerized production and the metalcore vocals of Rob Dukes that ruined the possibility of it being a fairly decent thrash metal album, this time they also got rid off real riffs and up tempo songs leaving us with nothing but 59 minutes of… sound.

With their decent comeback album ‘Tempo Of The Damned’ the band were still recognisably Exodus albeit with a modern production and a higher amount of mid paced material. But in 2007 there is nothing left reminding us of what Exodus once was, a raging thrash metal band with superb riffs and cool characteristic vocals. With ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ Exodus have released something that can be compared to Testament’s ‘Demonic’ or Slayer’s ‘Diabolus In Musica’ being an album that should have been released under a different name with a different audience in mind.

Progression can be a good thing, but throwing everything away that made you famous in the first place can be considered stupidity. Would this have been a brand new band, I would have given the album about 40 or 50 points, for there are some nice moments but never good nor great. Knowing this is the band that once released Fabulous Disaster and Bonded By Blood, we the fans can do nothing else but cry, accept our loss and leave the cemetery. Exodus has passed away. Probably to be summoned from the dead (again) in a few years with Hunolt and Souza.