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Not that atrocious - 70%

metalewd, October 23rd, 2007

I've been detecting a slight backlash , a bubbling of negativity around this LP at the moment, that I can't really work out. I mean, what the fuck do some people want? Here we have a band, basically spent as a creative entity not 2 LPs ago, filled with ex-junkies, their spiritual karmic force of a vocalist tragically expires, their day job singer finally admits his heart isn't in it after about 10 years and walks, and what do they do? Quit? No they don't. They pull their heads in, get bum down arse up for while, get a raging new vocalist, and GET BETTER. No they don't recapture the glory days, but they GET BETTER. They shrug off the prevailing metal zeitgeists and release a fairly damn stonking LP with the new singer, and then GET AMBITIOUS. They announce 2 back to back LPs (thematic even?) and they start to get shitcanned for it. I still can't work out why, but I'll get back to you if I do.

"Atrocity" is ok, it really is. The only LP I have tried to compare it to is "Shovel", because to my mind, pre-"Shovel" is a different band. What the band have definitely recaptured over these last 2 LPs is their thrash mojo. The aggro is back in a big way as we all know, and certainly a focus on trying to get the riffs up to par. I've got a little bad news there, because I don't think the riffs on "Atrocity" are quite as good as those on "Shovel". But you may beg to differ. The songs are goodish. Nothing as really as instant as "Deathamphetamine" or "I Am Abomination" but they aren't a bad batch. "Riot Act" is a reasonable opener but the chorus doesn't quite explode like they think it does. "Funeral Hymn" works, with it's heard it all before but still this good intro, and then a degenerative loop of a riff, and no chorus. (Now there's an idea.) "Children of a Worthless God" is the anti-Islam rant, this time with a chorus, that is passable, and a nice bouncy rhythm that will go over well live. "As it Was" is less typical, slower, with a riff I like, almost angular(?), then again not really but not the usual serving from this band. The title track is pretty much all over the shop, 10 minutes, lots of savage parts, mid-tempo parts, there's that ambitious word again, but does it gel? Neeeeaaahhhh, kinda. "Iconoclasm" starts in this is more like it territory, an unadulterated throat ripper riff, then some vocal effects in the "tribal" verses and another not quite there chorus. Ah, fuck it, it's good enough. "The Garden of Bleeding" is , sorry to say, where I have to draw the line, it's a boring non event of a song, with a minute and a half opening of pure drudgery, before a riff that the fan club president probably wrote, and more "ambition". Zzzzzzz. But don't panic, "Bedlam 123" is here to save the day, if you can get around another 90 sec mid-tempo intro, with some straight down the line Exo-Frash. Nice.

No this LP is not great, it's just clawing at good, but really, so what? The last one was pretty damn killer and I'm just happy the band is around to provide some kind of antidote to the retro-thrash legions and dopey metalcore copycats. Keep it up boys, long may you keep churning out the same 7 and a half riffs.