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Atrociously under-rated! - 85%

VoiceofHell, January 18th, 2008

I think this album, while being far from the best album to ever come from the minds of Gary Holt and Co., is still a solid modern thrash effort and is truly keeping the Exodus name alive in this, the new era of Thrash Metal.

The album in question is very much a mixture of the sounds found on the previous 2 efforts. It takes the overall aural chaos of “Shovel Headed Killing Machine” and also parts of the refined energy from “Tempo Of The Damned”

To start with, the production is bloody brilliant. Every guitar and bass note just sears holes through your head while the drums (courtesy of returning Exodus basher Tom Hunting) blow away what's left of your brain. Really truly great production values by one Andy Sneap (ex - Sabbat).

The Lyrical content of the album is also spot on, exactly what one would expect in Thrash lyrics. Addressing issues of war, violence, the hypocrisy of religion, etc. “Children of a Worthless God” especially stands-out in this respect, becoming a searing attack on Islamic Extremists, being the first (?) Thrash song to specifically address the current political, military, and socio-religious climate in the middle east in the 21st century.

I'm really starting to hone in to Rob Duke’s vocal delivery. He has a very unique screech that is at once maddening and pleasant. It fits the songs very well and he has obviously matured a lot as a vocalist since "Shovel Headed Killing Machine" and I know long find his technique to be at times annoying.

The only qualm I really have about the album is the length of some of the songs. To me, thrash metal is supposed to be rough, fast, heavy, and somewhat brief. There are only a few Thrash songs that exceed 6 minutes that I really love. All in all though, there is only a couple long players on the album that bore me because of length.

All in all it's a very solid, if not spectacular, release from the Bay Area legends. I eagerly await the next release.

Stand-out Tracks:
-Call To Arms/Riot Act
-Children Of A Worthless God
-Garden Of The Bleeding