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Most underrated album ever - 79%

Keloid, December 15th, 2007

I was reading the reviews for "The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A," and man, was I surprised. Quite a lot of people hate this album. I don't know why, I found this quite entertaining. That being said, this is the only Exodus album I have. But still, It has its good points, and one or two not-so-good points.

Let's start with the good. "Riot Act," the first actual song on this album, begins with a good intro riff. The lyrics just add to the package. They remind me of how I feel when I'm particularly pissed off. "Smash and destroy everything in my path," reflects exactly how I feel when I'm insanely bored. The drums are fast and furious. The solos are faster than earlier Megadeth's solos. After "Riot Act," we have "Funeral Hymn," which starts off with a lightning fast solo. The riffs are amazing. The drums are still fast, even faster than the previous song. The lyrics are still pretty good. "Children of a Worthless God," now there's a song worth noting. Starting off with an epic-sounding riff and solo, it only gets faster and better. The bass is well played, as are the drums. The lyrics really make you wonder about religion. Overall, the good points are the lyrics, drums, and guitars.

The bad point? The bass is barely audible. That's the only flaw I could decern on this album.

Get this album as soon as you can, but if you have Exodus' older stuff, get "The Atrocity Exhibition..." as soon as possible.

Reccomended songs: Any and all on this disc!