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Well, it's not a total atrocity.... - 58%

IWP, December 8th, 2007

But, it's pretty damn close to being one. I was certainly wrong about this album. I was too easy on it first time I reviewed it. I digged this album the first two or three times I listened to it, now it really leaves a bitter taste in my ears every time I listen to it. It's not entirely a bad release, but it's far from good either. For the most part, this is a mediocre release from an aging thrash band.

I have three huge problems with this album. First, that guitar tone. Even though it may sound "heavy" to some, it has to be one of the most boring and worst guitar tones I've ever heard. It sounds very sludgy, so sludgy infact, that you can hardly hear any of the riffs. For the most part, all you hear is a bunch of chugging throughout the whole album. Next, is Rob Dukes. I do not care for this guy at all. He sounds like a Paul Baloff wannabe just without the attitude that Baloff had, and half of the time, his screams can sound pretty "coreish" which tend to get on my nerves. Oh, and the clean singing he does on Children of a Worthless God sounds even worse. The last problem I have is that the majority of the songs are too long. If some of the songs were a bit shorter, perhaps I would've given this album a few more points, but when you have generic chugging "thrash" songs that clock up to 10 minutes, it tends to bore the hell out of you.

About the only songs that hold their own here are Riot Act and Bedlam 123. Both are solid modern sounding thrashers, and the latter track has to be the better of the two. It's fast and heavy, the way thrash should be.

That, unfortenately, is about as good as this album gets. The rest of these songs range from mediocre to so painfully boring that it hurts just to listen to these atrocities. These songs are long and the "riffs" are generic are boring. For the most part this is just sped up groove metal with shitty vocals. The only reaosn these songs qualify as thrash at all is because the drumming at least stays fast and consistent. The title track, inpaticular, has to be the worst out of the bunch. The song is 10 minutes worth of boring chuga chuga riffs and half-assed screaming which qualifies as vocals. I'd rather listen to Pantera than listen to this shit again, nuff said. Funeral Hymn is pretty decent with some alright riffs yet also suffers form being way too long ofr it's own good.

For the most part, this album is mediocre and pretty forgetable. Damn, and I thought this band could do no wrong too. The three releases that came before this one (Force of Habit, Tempo of the Damned, and Shovel Headed Killing Machine) were all good albums, and the albums before those were obvious classics, but this album does not match the standards that this band has. What a fucking disappointment! Download Riot Act and Bedlam 123, and avoid the rest of this album! You'll thank yourself later.