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Baloff Turning In His Grave - 25%

Human666, November 12th, 2007

This isn't thrash the way it meant to be. This isn't an album that 'Exodus' had to release. Geez, this isn't an album that had to be released at all!

Come on! This is one of the most pointless albums I've heard in a long time.
9 songs clocking at almost 60 minutes...not even single minute which sounds more than "boring generic riffage which goes through the motions and has a strange vibe of mallcore". 'Riot Act' has a very bad wanky riffing which sounds like a tetris music with distortion, the lead guitar utterly blows and sounds extremely offhand, same goes with the embarrassing chorus.

Both 'Funeral Hymn' and 'Children Of A Worthless God' are absolute exaggeration! You just can't masturbate repetitive riffing for 8 minutes and sound bearable at the same's impossible.

Instead of tell you how each song is suck I will sum it up: forget from the 'Exodus' you knew, this album is just another modern death/thrash mediocrity, nothing you should really care for.

'The Atrocity Exhibition... Exhibit A' wins the award of the biggest disappointment of 2007. Let's just expect that the second part won't be worse than this, if possible.