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Amazing. - 95%

Wizardjoe, September 9th, 2007

Wow. Ignore this “Big Four of Thrash” nonsense. Megadeth and Slayer would remain, along with these Bay Area titans. There is not one song here which Exodus will allow me to skip once the disc starts to spin - this will hopefully put a smile on your face and an ache in your neck as the metal thrashing madness fills the air. A killer comeback album after a hefty twelve year absence of new material. There is something extra special about this album - and that is the band themselves.

I shall explain further. Every instrument on this album has its own unique sound that cannot be found on any other work of music. Tom Hunting’s drumming is more technical than it ever has been - and what stands out on this album is the razor sharp double-bass drumming, in machine gun bursts of about three or four every so often. If it was continued for longer durations, it would easily have a Mr Sandoval knocking knees at a similar pace - (just check the relentless “War is My Shepherd”).

The work of the axemen Holt and Hunolt is just brilliant. They have their own sound, unmatched by almost any album released in 2004. There are loads of hammer-ons and pull-offs scattered throughout riffs in the album - the best example featured right from the mammoth opener with “Scar Spangled Banner”. And as for the solos!

Gibson’s bass work is impeccable, especially to be able to match the work of founding member Holt and his counterpart. Now we come to the singing of Souza. It is in traditional Exodus style, and once you are accustomed to its uniqueness you will be disappointed with any new Exodus material that sounds any different.

I am extremely reluctant to hear any newer material due to the loss of Hunting, Hunolt and Souza. However, if the song material is anywhere near that of TOTD, I would probably recommend it. Just buy this album first.