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What The Hell? - 52%

FrayedEndsOfSanity39, January 9th, 2005

Okay, I'm happy thrash is making a comeback, and some classic bands are reuniting and producing new material. But, how desperate can you get? Exodus has gone trendy trying to appeal to idiots.

The Scar Spangled Banner starts out with a good riff, reminds me of old Exodus, but the songs contents are corny. They sound like whiny old men. Damn, what happened? War Is My Sheppard has an okay riff but it lacks that top caliber edge and melody they had on past albums. Blacklist is an average thrash song with an average mid to slow paced riff. Souza sings about assaulting someone for pissing him off and talking shit, and now that person's on his blacklist...

Tempo Of The Damned delivers me to track four, Shroud Of Urine. This song sounds like shit, are they trying to be black metal? Please don't screech like that Souza, your voice cracks, and it's obvious you're just screaming like that to attract new black/death fans to your fading band. Sorry, it's the truth. :( Exodus were once legends, but I'm not feeling this album. It's slow for the most part, and it might be time for them to call it quits. There's an alright solo in the middle of the song. Yet, as I stated earlier, for the most part they’re becoming very trendy, anti-christian, anti-patriotic. It's just getting old. Anything to pick up a $ is what I think. Forward March is a fast song with more creative lyrics, the chorus is descent, but it's nothing like Bonded By Blood or Fabulous Disaster. The song is tainted when he yells Forward March like it's some hardcore song a couple times, and it sounds like he's rapping with that riff for a minute yelling mother fucka. Haha. I never thought I'd say this, but Souza’s voice is starting to annoy me. Sounds like a frog a bit. Someone needs to re-animate Baloff.

Moving onto Culling The Herd. Another slower song, with a descent chorus, but it gets boring after a while. Sealed With A Fist is a song about a dude who batters his wife and she eventually gets fed up and shoots him. Interesting combination here, are Exodus satanic feminists? Anyway the songs not too great, but even though it might sound like a lame subject to sing about, I like it somewhat because it tells a story. Anyway, the guy gets what he deserves, and that's how the song ends.

A thing I noticed is Exodus has slowed down considerably, that's not always bad but in Throwing Down it is disastrous. The song sounds like new hardcore. Impaler is a violent song in the vein of old Exodus, just slower once again. Halfway through it speeds up a little and a gnarly solo’s added in for a bonus. It's not quite as melodic as some of the previous songs, not bad though. Reminds me of Kreator a little. Tempo Of The Damned itself is a fast and gritty piece. It once again lacks that great melody Exodus used to incorporate into their songs. Some decent solos here, that’s about it. It's just average thrash, still better than most stuff out there.

Anyway I wouldn't recommend this album. It's Exodus at their worst, but here in the 2000s it's still sounds better than a lot of the newer metal bands. Hey, at least they didn’t go as downhill as Annihilator, ha. Anyway for old guys playing new thrash I'd look into Tankard, Hirax, etc. Exodus is still alright, but their glory days are over.