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Skull Full Of Vodka - 85%

grain_silo, August 1st, 2011

“Pleasures of the Flesh” seems to be the forgotten Exodus album. I’m not sure why, I just haven’t heard much about this album. This marks the first album with Zetro and this album kills.

The production is better than “Bonded by Blood” but honestly, not by much. The guitars are still pretty thin but are heavier than the debut. The drums sound way better but the snare is so damn loud it kind of hides the rest of the drums. The bass is still too quiet and you don’t really ever hear it except for a few parts, (“Brain Dead”). With all these things, I’d still take this production over their later albums since they've had the exact same sound since "Tempo".

Zetro’s vocals on here are fantastic. He had big shoes to fill after Paul, and I think he did so quite well. I don’t think this is his best performance but he did an amazing job.

Although still slower than the debut, (but most albums are), this album still delivers in the speed department. “Deranged” starts with a talking intro that sounds pretty deranged (HA) and then the speed kicks in just like on “BBB”. The riffs on this album are just amazing. “Til Death Do Us Part” starts with a pretty cool drum intro and is one of the slower songs on here. Doesn’t really pick up speed at all, but I’m glad they did this because I prefer a few mid-paced songs rather than 100mph all the time. Where the second track didn’t deliver with blistering speed, they make up for it “Parasite”. “Brain Dead” is another slower song with some awesome gang vocals. “Faster Than You’ll Ever Be” is exactly what you expect from the title; fast, fast, and fast. It is very reminiscent of the first album and is just an awesome song with some very heavy riffs. The title track starts with an intro that sounds like you’re about to eaten by cannibals and goes into a cool riff. This song has a very good mixture of mid-paced and speed. “30 Seconds” is 42 seconds and is just a guitar part. I guess it’s a good breather from all the thrash you just went through, maybe as a joke, who knows? “Seeds of Hate” is my personal favorite from this album. The drum intro is awesome and the riff is catchy and is just amazing. Tom Hunting also shows off his double bass skills on this song especially. “Chemi-Kill” has a pretty catchy chorus and is another mid-paced song. The last track is a good thrashing closer to a great album.

This album seems to be overlooked and I can’t figure out why. If you liked “BBB”, you will love this album, and if you don’t then I don’t know what to tell you, this is true classic Exodus.

Best tracks – “Seeds of Hate”, “Parasite”, and “Faster Than You’ll Ever Be”