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Very underrated thrash classic - 92%

bayareashredder, September 16th, 2007

With the highly successful Bonded By Blood, Exodus was hailed as an essential thrash metal band. However, after the album, vocalist Paul Baloff would depart from the band. That didn't stop them though, and they replaced Baloff with Steve "Zetro" Souza, singer of fellow bay area thrash band Legacy (who would change their name to Testament). This was a great move as Zetro is easily a much better vocalist than Baloff. His voice is insane, evil, and very unique. Zetro's vocals are what makes Pleasure of the Flesh better than Bonded By Blood in my opinion.

The other members of the make the music amazing along with Zetro's vocals. Guitarists Rick Hunolt and Gary Holt are a great team, switching off leads and solos and shredding like crazy. The riffs are just as killer as the solos. Bassist Rob McKillop does a great job as a bass player, giving the riffs and guitars that amazing extra kick. Drummer Tom Hunting is amazing, almost up there with Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo. His double bass and tom fills all kick ass on this album.

The songs on this album are some classic thrash tunes. Deranged, Till Death Do Us Part, Parasite, Brain Dead, and Chemi-kill are all standout tracks and every other track is amazing also.

I find Pleasures of the Flesh to be one of the most underrated albums in all of thrash. While Bonded By Blood put Exodus up with other thrashers, POTF, in my opinion is the superior album with better vocals, guitars, songs, production, etc. If you're looking for a killer thrash album, then you won't go wrong with buying Pleasures of the Flesh.