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A few really bad flaws. - 89%

avidmetal, December 23rd, 2009

The main criticism that has been thrown to this album is that is "Mid-paced thrash fodder" or "There's no Baloff here", I can assure you, That is false. Exodus could not have hoped for a better replacement than Steve "Zetro" Souza. This might be 'mid-paced' but there's a lot of good songwriting and progress to be found on this one. Which makes up for the shortage of speed. Mostly.

I personally think this is almost as good as 'Bonded By Blood'. The production is great, There are plenty of intricate guitar work to be found on this album, Zetro's vocals are almost as good as Baloff's, Both are similar in many ways. The tracks are not repetitive, Some of them focus on speed while others focus on atmosphere such as 'Till death do us part'. There is no constant loud "dikka dikka" blast beats on all the tracks, They are used when needed to be. This album feels much like a more mature version of Bonded by blood. The crazy lyrics are still to be found here, but there is a lot less 'boasting' and more focused on subjects. 'Deranged' is about a guy pretending to be sane in prison, waiting to get out and start killing again, This is another classic exodus song, The solo is excellent, The riffs here are catchy. 'Faster than you'll ever live to be" is total mayhem, Souza's vocals here work really well, I don't see how Baloff could've done any better. The track keeps getting faster and faster as it gets towards its ends, will certainly make your head and neck sore.

'Seeds of Hate' is arguably the best track on the whole album, Features some intricate and original riffs. Gary Holt is a monster, His guitar work has both intricacy and intensity and loads of it, Souza has a lot less 'maniacal' tone on this song and his tone is a lot more atmospheric. The song has a great solo and speeds up towards the end just like most songs on this album. There are plenty of the vintage exodus style 'group shouting' lyrics to be found here, Just like in bonded by blood.

There are a few disappointing things about the album, The intro of the first track of this album is just way too long and it makes no sense whatsoever, Some guy speaking. There is a 30 second instrumental track, which has no purpose of being in a full studio album, it would've worked on a demo. The title track is disappointing to be honest. The album starts to drag at the end. Steve souza's vocals can be absolutely irritating at times, Which i guess is his biggest flaw.

Overall, An excellent album, Worth buying, Exodus would slowly go downhill after 'Fabulous Disaster'. They never reached these heights again, If you're a fan of thrash metal and don't mind some mid paced thrash, Get this, This certainly isn't the worst choice you can make.