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Energetic Thrash along the right lines - 76%

Wez, June 22nd, 2004

Man! This band have been getting a lot of play from me recently, standard Bay Area crunchy Thrash Metal, which certainly does the trick for me! Plentiful on the energy, solid in the songwriting and exploding with untamed attitude. But when it comes down to it, there are stil a few hurdles the band have to get over, they're a little sloppy at times which leaves the whole thing falling behind, taking away potentially memorable Thrash songs, you can look on the tracklisting on the back and think "How on earth does that song go again?" while looking down and remembering that really amazing riff from the title track. Give it a few years and maybe I'll know every note but for now the high points stand out clearly after each listen and leave the rest behind. I also play the follow up "Fabulous Disaster" a lot more and this album gets generally left on the shelf. Sometimes they also get some really neat ideas and don't follow them through for a whole song, you get the old ups and downs thing which is irritating. The album is generally more consistent than the follow up in the general style its going for (there's no questionable and out of the way filler, minus the falsely advertised "30 seconds", more like 40 seconds lol), but those problems really do it in on occassion. Now away with the downside to this potentially classic Thrash platter, and onto the good stuff!

As I said, this album is definitely on the right lines generally, Steve Souza's shredding and shrill voice has got the right attitude for the music, and the whole band seems to be having a fun time, with a playful side throwing in some humour to mix with the serious political attacks and general Thrash concerns. Nothing on here is over the top or trying too hard to do more than simply get solid results. The highlights include "Brain Dead" carried along by its catchy main riff, the title track, on the right aggressive track with plenty of substance, "Seeds of Hate" with those unstoppable leads and "Chemi-Kill". The rest wanders from the very good to being undermined by the general problems I highlighted, also suffering from a slightly weak production. This album should nonetheless go into an Exodus collection, the energy is infectious! It does work together with "Fabulous Disaster" as a worthy 2 album "set" but is the weakest part.