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Faster than you'll ever live to be - 92%

Demon_of_the_Fall, January 11th, 2005

Pleasures of the Flesh...a name that when said brings chills up ones spine. Released 2 years after one of the most revolutionary thrash metal albums of all time "Bonded by Blood", Pleasure takes off in a fresher direction expanding their already furious speed thrash assault from the bowels of hell itself. The riffs here fucking rule, nuff said. The solos from both Hunolt and Holt are blazing, but not only that they are well executed, meaning they definatly took alot of time in writing the solos because they all sound different and hooky as shit. Hell I would buy this album simply for the guitar solos. Jesus christ and the drumming from Tom fucking Hunting is bloody incredible. Listen to Chemi-Kill or Seeds if Hate for a good reference. The bass is furiously played by Rob McKillop, "Choose your Weapon" I noticed recently has some crazy bass. This has to be in my top 5 greatest thrash albums of all time. Without Paul Baloff (metal messiah), another vocal giant makes his debut and he is Steve "Zetro" Souza who does an amazing job on here with his maniac like vocals.

I don't understand why people don't give Pleasures of the Flesh more credit, i suppose because every song is different, but this is most definatly quality fucking thrash! The production for 1987 is pretty good, you can hear everything, and i grew to love the production. I suppose the reason i praise this album to no end is because it gives me exactally what I could ever want in a metal album, because every track is quality, and this is some of the best 80's thrash. Also the songs are intelligently arranged and the lyrics really grab out at you. Pleasure's has some of the most evil music ever recorded. Listen to the title track or "Parasite". This album should be any thrash fans wet dream. I recall upon first listen, all i heard (the first 30 seconds of Deranged) was some lunatic nutjob raving about his epileptic seizures, eating a nice salad, then suddenly bursting into one of speed metal finest tracks.

In conclution this is a essential thrasher, and if you don't already own it you must be Braindead.

Best Tracks: Deranged, Til' Death do us part, Parasite, Braindead, Pleasures Of The Flesh, Seeds Of Hate, Chemi-kill