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Abomination - 25%

avidmetal, October 23rd, 2009

When a band starts re-recording their old stuff, it is a good indication of where the band is heading to, I have to admit, The last time i heard anything great from this band was Impact is Imminent and Exodus is one of my favorite bands, They like Testament have been a disappointment for 20 years now. After the departure of Baloff/souza, Rob dukes filled in and the band was never the same again, I never wanted Exodus to sound like this, They were once one of the most original bands in their class but now they're nothing more than a mediocre sounding band with a half decent vocalist.

What is this?. Bullet for My Valentine's Tribute to Bonded by blood? or is it Avenged sevenfold?. It certainly sounds nothing like the Exodus i respected. Was there ever a reason to do a re-recording of a trend setting album like Bonded By Blood?. Maybe a band out of ideas trying to sound something like their former selves. The guitar work is clean, The vocals sound good and that's just how most alternative metal albums are these days, The album lacks any kind of intensity which made the original recording good.

Firstly, The tracks are much slower and lack any kind of intensity, Rob Duke's vocals try too hard, The guitar work is pretty decent, The production values are good. Rob sounded best in the Angry Retarded Killing Machine album and that wasn't all that good at all. Rob duke sounds nothing like Baloff, And it made me want to return the album when i heard the slow, metalcore version of the original "Piranha". This is nothing more than a band trying to cash in on nostalgic fans and failing BADLY. This might however appeal to angsty little fans who never heard the original bonded by blood by Exodus Or maybe it is for Old Aging metal fans who can't keep up with the pace of Bonded by blood, so the album was recorded at half the speed of the original. Way too Brootal for old people.

The album is completely devoid of anything that made the original so good, Ignore it and hope Exodus can somehow be reborn again. If you haven't heard bonded by blood yet go buy it and ignore this abomination of a great album.