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"It Smells Like Fucking Shit..." - 0%

SurvivedAbortion1, November 26th, 2011

Every time this insult to the real album, Bonded by Blood, is sold, the mighty Paul Baloff rolls over in his mother fucking grave.

First and foremost, my biggest complaint (among many others): Rob Dukes. The “singer”. Why? He sucks. Hard. He belongs in a screamy mallcore band, NOT a legendary old-school thrash outfit. He couldn't sing if he had to: No range, emotion, skill, anything that makes a vocalist a GOOD vocalist. His vocals are just mindless screaming that have an uncanny knack for penetrating into the migraine centers of my brain with ease.

This has to have been explained by previous users, but just for the sake of assertion, I'll still allude it: The early 80s lyrics were not meant for 2008 musical performance and studio production. In the words of a man you might have heard of named Lars Ulrich, "If you heard bands like Korn back then, you'd have lost your lunch!" It's just that with the lifeless, mechanical, crystal clear production, the glaringly slowed pace, the low, mile-thick guitar tone, and everything else not 1985 about this album makes the original lyrics, just, not fit. I suppose you'd have to hear it to fully understand the sentiment. Also regarding the lyrics, in case you're wondering what the title of my review is making reference to, it's Rob's cute little improvisation at the end of No Love, after the iconic closer Paul once delivered "Your body starts to smell!", Rob throws in a redundant, profane travesty for the teenaged listeners, "It smells like fucking shit!"

My third biggest complaint: This album's ambiguity. I hope there's no need to remind you that thrash is no stranger to being obscure, especially the kind that is so underground that the fans haven't even heard of it, but this, this is just a waste of the vinyl it's printed on. It's a pointless mockup thrown together without any real purpose other than making money. The original album was just fine. This is nothing but a sellout. A shameless, pointless, cash-in. I know that the appropriately named atrocity that preceded this and its predecessor, Shit-headed whatevertuffguybullshittheynamedit, could be described as a mallcorish sellouts as well, but trust me when I say that this is worse.

All in all, unless you're a fifteen-year-old metalcore fan looking for something with "OMG, soo meny gitar soloz!", this really sucks. Please refrain from buying it, for if you do, you're just playing into its only real purpose. If you don't want to take my word for just how horribad it really is, just search "Exodus Let there be blood" on YouTube, and prepare to get really, really angry.

RIP Paul Baloff.