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Their true Atrocity Exhibition - 6%

MetalThrashingMad, June 18th, 2011

Woooohoo this is bad... not like Reanimator or Acid Reign bad, I'm talking like Metallica S&M bad; almost like they should have been aware of their wrongdoings, yet they knew better and carried on anyways.

First off, Rob Douche has the most mismatched vocals I could imagine for this re-recording. That may be a stretch, but his vocals are over-the-top-mallcore-grunting-stump-fuckingly bad. His entire vocal approach does not suit this genre of music, let alone a re-recording of one of the most legendary and ground-breaking metal releases of all time.

Secondly, and just as importantly, the tempo/drum performance. Come to think of it, I resent Tom Hunting's drum performance more than the douchy vocals. What was he thinking? Since when does anyone re-record a thrash album at 3/4 the pace of the original? His drum set actually sounds good; the bass drum is nice and audible and eq'd well, all the cymbals aren't too loud or overwhelming and the snare is crystal clear. Regadrless, he failed miserably as his job. The original songs kicked 100 different species of ass the way they were, and changing the formula they started using 25 years ago is truly an unspeakable act against humanity.

The guitar tone. I said I loved the tone on "Another Lesson in Violence" so I shouldn't be hypocritical and say I don't like the tone on this album. The tone on the live album was a fresh sound at the time (1997) and had a lot more solid-state sound to it, but that's another story. I think the guitar tone on LTBB was a poor choice. It sounds like most other guitar tones I've heard on every other mainstream and thrash metal album for the last 10 years. Buy a guitar with emg's, buy a Mesa rectifier, turn the gain knob to 10 and voila! Hissy, muddy, fuzzy guitar tone that has no unique character whatsoever. For most newer bands I wouldn't really care so much, but for a band that pioneered a genre that so many of us hold dear to out hearts, I think it's totally unacceptable.

The production. Many people I've spoken to about this would argue that the production on the re-recording is "better." The guitar tone is clearer, the drums and vocals are more audible, and the overall noise due to cheap recording equipment has been eliminated. Yeah, the same could be said about the new Trivium album, only their guitar tone is better. The overall tone LTBB is so ordinary, so regular, so devoid of any real character or anything that sets it apart from every modern core band nowadays it almost angers me. Take the production from Bonded By Blood. It's noisy, every instrument is a bit on the sloppy side, and Paul obviously had his way with the echo knob on the soundboard. The guitar panning is for all intents and purposes non-existant, and you can barely hear the bass. It's also original, raw, angry, inspired, has tons of energy and it makes you bang your head as if up from the fucking dead. Or it does mine, anyways. It has character. It's unique. You listen to any 2 seconds of that album and you know damn well what it is. I think this new recording deserves so much more as far as the production went.

The magic that the original Bonded by Blood had was completely and entirely lost when Let There be Blood was recorded. The production is so ordinary, the drumming sucks, and they used the wrong vocalist. If you're a fan of any type of underground 80's metal, or anything that Exodus stood for in the 80's, don't bother buying this album. You will probably regret it.