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and you might get blown away!!! - 100%

exodeth, June 19th, 2012

This is the PERFECT thrash masterpiece! If you call yourself a metal fan you must own this record. All nine songs kick your ass into submission and make you headbang until you're concussed.

For starters, Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt are by far the best guitar duo in metal history. They just lay one unrelenting riff after another on this album and don't get me started on the trade off solos. Second, Steve Zetro Souza, although he has a unique voice that takes some getting used to, puts on his best performance here. John Tempesta of White Zombie does a solid job on drums, but he's no Tom Hunting. Rob Mckillop's bass, like on most thrash albums, is inaudible.

All the songs on this album are solid and there is absolutely no filler to be found. The title track opens the album and has a faster pace than most of record. The lyrics are humorous and Zetro's vocals are great on this track, but it has the most underwhelming solo on the album. A.W.O.L. is next. It's a slightly slower-paced track and sets the tone for what's to come. The Lunatic Parade, a mid-paced track that's probably the slowest on the album, is very similar to Toxic Waltz, a fan favorite from the previous record, Fabulous Disaster. Within The Walls Of Chaos is a nearly eight minute track that has a great solo and very nice riffs throughout. Objection Overruled, the single that received a video, is a quicker-paced humorous song about the judicial system and is one of Souza's strongest efforts (the videos pretty funny if you feel like checking it out). Only Death Decides is one of the more serious tracks and has one of the coolest riffs of all time to go with an awesome solo. Heads They Win, Tails You Lose is a track that's so long it may take a few listens before you can appreciate it. Changing of the Guard is another more serious track that has more tempo changes and a nice vocal track by Souza once again. Thrash Under Pressure, which is the fastest-paced song on the album, is probably the only low point of the album.

Recommended tracks: Within the Walls of Choas, Impact is Imminent, Only Death Decides, Heads They Win, Tails You Lose.