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Whiff! - 35%

UltraBoris, October 18th, 2004

After the excellent Fabulous Disaster actually established a mark so high in the subgenre that it does not even deserve the derisive label "whiffle thrash", Exodus comes back with this album, which doesn't merely need a sticker slapped on it, but should basically be put in the Canonical Example display case, along with that horrendous third Testament LP, and most of the career of Sacred Reich. Kids, THIS IS WHIFFLE BALL THRASH. Listen once, so you know. While you're at it listen once to Opeth. Both are about as useful to the world at large, though this, admittedly, is slightly more enjoyable than 12 minute acoustic ballads. But not by much, especially after 2 or more listens.

Yep, this album completely sucks. Other than one almost accidental-sounding destroyer of worlds ("Only Death Decides"), this is filled with angsty political crap that would make the later Clash call shenanigans. Stuff like "Changing of the Guard" and "A.W.O.L." is completely redemption-free pandering to the state of the free world. The Berlin Wall hears you. The Berlin Wall doesn't care.

However, the opener is also pretty fucking good... it's like so many bands: they take all the good ideas, and throw them into one song, and we've got a winner, that could basically be on the previous album. Forceful vocals, triumphant riffs, and fast-as-fuck as good thrash is meant to be.

Then, all sorts of feces hits the fans. The choruses become more mocking, Zetro's vocals becomes more and more silly... the whole thing flops onto its rear end dies. I actually can't get through the whole thing. The riffage is weak, and the songs sound like Regurgitated Cow Fetus, in that "let's pick a riff, write some lyrics in 2 minutes, and whip it out". I must say, though, the production is a slight bit better.

The rest? Wow, what a bunch of non-winnars. "Heads They Win (Tails You Lose)" starts off damn promising, with the riff buildup not at all overlong, but then the pre-chorus and chorus are complete shit, and after about 2 minutes, there's really nothing left to hear... and 5 more minutes left in the song. "Thrash Under Pressure" - take your own advice. The song is an attempt at Toxic Waltz II, but this comes out nowhere as intentionally humorous, especially when the lyrics, as defiant as they may appear, making no sense in the context of what they are describing. "With my head held high, standing dignified, I still have my integrity..."

I think not.