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Impact is Underrated! - 90%

IWP, April 8th, 2008

That pretty much describes this album, very underrated. I really don't see why this album is so overlooked either. Sure, it sounds slightly more commercial than they're earlier relases, but that doesn't stop this album from kicking ass. It's pretty much an almost perfect sequel to Fabulous Disaster. The riffs are great, the solos are great, the songs are very catchy, and the production is great. The only major flaw I find in this album, is that Steve Souza's voice does tend to get pretty damn silly and incoherent at times which is why I didn't give this album a 90%, but it just makes the album slightly more humorous and fun. Other than that, this album is some of the nicest thrash you'll ever hear.

It has the lyrics and songwriting of Pleasures of the Flesh while also maintaining the fun and ultra catchiness of Fabulous Diasater, so it sounds a little like both albums. I actually enjoy this more than Pleasures of the Flesh.

The best songs on here vary a litlte. On one end, we have violent thrashers like the title track, A.W.O.L, Objection Overruled, and Only Death Decides. All of these songs have nice riffs, and the latter track inpaticular has to be the heaviest out of the four, and that solo fukcing slays! We have some nice thrash here. Then, one the other end we have songs that while they may not be as thrashy, are still fun as hell.

Changing of the Guard and Thrash Under Pressure are surely the catchiest songs on this album. The formal sounds slightly punkish in the chorus, in that it's very catchy, and the lyrics thta tlak about political issues.

Howevrer, there are songs that bring this album down a bit. Within the Walls of Chaos and Heads They Win (Tails You Lose) don't really do much for me. Borth songs are too long and the riffs are slightly weak. The Lunatic Parade sond slike an attempt at Toxic Waltz Part II, only not nearly as fun or thrashy. It's pretty much a watered down Toxic Waltz.

For the most part, this album is great from beginning to end. Aside for a small amount of filler and overtly silly moments, this album is pretty underrated. I really don't understand why this (and Force of Habit) went out of print. I wanted to get these albums, but had to either pay at least $30 to get them on eBay, or wait for the reissues (thank god for Caroline Records, hehe). So I just waited for the reiusses, and it was quite worth the wait. This album is one hell of a thrasher. Don't listen to Ultraboris this time and get the album. If you really enjoyed Fabulous Disaster, you'll at least dig this album, as it's a worthy follow up to that album. This album certainly thrashes under pressure!