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Very solid - 92%

Chopped_in_Half, April 3rd, 2008

This happens to most bands, they release their most critically acclaimed album, in this case "Fabulous Disaster", which was very popular, then a year later, they come out with this, and it goes un-noticed. I cannot understand why it did, as I find it a very good follow up.

First off, the production. I find it to have the perfect production, even better than Fabulous Disaster, the guitars have more crunch to them, and it's very loud in the mix, which is fine with me, yet it's not overdone, and everything else sounds good in the mix, the drums have the right tone, not overdoing the guitar, which is one thing some albums have problems with, Zetro's vocals sound even better on this, the bass isn't really heard, but when is it in metal, very rarely.

One change in the line-up, White Zombie drummer "John Tempesta" who also did some work with Testament on Low, does the drumming here, while not as technical as Tom Hunting, he does a very nice job.

The album kicks off with "Intro/Impact is Imminent" which is this albums answer to "The Last Act of Defiance" with it's very thrashy riffs, and riot shouted vocals, very catchy chorus, then theres "A.W.O.L" which is one of my favorites from this, the whole song just works so well, very pissed off sounding, the riffs absolutley shred, so does the solo.

Then theres "The Lunatic Parade" which is this albums answer to "The Toxic Waltz" it's very slow and grinding, by heavy as fuck, with some very catchy riffs and vocal lines, I'll skip to "Only Death Decides" which is another favorite of mine off this, great riffs, fast but catchy at the same time, and another very catchy chorus...and good lyrics as well, "Heads They Win, Tails You Lose" is another highlight here, not much to say about it though, just a kick ass song.

I didn't want to go through all the songs, my review would be too long, but if you liked Fabulous Disaster, and don't mind hearing it again, then I suggest finding this, because all around, it's pretty much the same, but that doesn't bother me. Great album.