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This got us banned from the e-lab - 80%

MegaHassan, May 12th, 2010

And now I can't study for my English Literature exam that's in 5 days because of the fucking whiplash the title track induced.

So the first track here is pretty fucking awesome. It's in the vein of the groovy Exodus songs ala Shudder to Think, Blacklist, As It Was etc which Gary Holt and the rest of the crew pull off with efficiency. Duke sounds a bit different here, he isn't as wild as in Shovelfuckingheaded Kill Machine or as venomous as in The Awesomeness Exhibition: Exhibit A. In fact he sounds a bit more loose here, almost more melodic and at times he cant match the ferocity of the pummeling riffs at display. But yeah, who gives a fuck when you and all your friends are banging your head and raising hell as the e-lab co-ordinator looks on dumbstruck. The solos come and go, filling your ass with bullet holes and all that jazz but what I find annoying with Holt's solos nowadays is that its hard to distinguish them from one another - the one in this song starts out in a manner similar to the other groovy Exodus songs and after that its still not more interesting than the riff going on behind it. But yeah, this is the better song here and it gets bonus points for getting us banned from the e-lab and giving the lab guy something better to do than go on

The second song, which I'm only listening to review this album on MA (I haven't heard the full album yet, not sure if I'll get the time either) has a similar groovy approach but then takes an almost metalcore approach with the melody in the chorus which sounds like something out of an early Killswitch album. And the breakdown that comes in too, which is totally uninteresting. Now there's nothing better than a well executed breakdown but the one in here just makes me go like "wtf" as 1.) Unexpected and ruins the flow of the song 2.) It's bland! I don't mind the overly metalcore tendencies of this song since I like some metalcore myself but Exodus can't do this shit, sorry. Still, the riffs are tight, as expected and the guitar work is TOP NOTCH.

I know I'm in the minority but the only bad Exodus album was Force of Habit and even that had a couple quality songs. As far as nu-Exodus goes, judging from these two songs the well is drying out a bit but I'm sure the album will better songs than Downfall and maybe Hammer and Life.