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Thrash in the 90's = - 75%

thrashassault, March 24th, 2003

One day I was at Record Exchange looking for a good haul. I meet this guy who was my age but during the 80's and totally into thrash metal. He recomended me this album. I was a little leery at first cause I heard so many bad things about it. Well I bought it and at first I didn't really care for it. But the other day I got it off the shelf and decided to give it another spin. This album has got some fucking killer riffs. It definitly isnt like there earlier album, Bonded by Blood. But thrash was starting to die off in the 90's and bands were having trouble staying true. The album starts off with Thorn in My Side. This song gots some good heavy riffin some good singing. The song definitly sets the tone for the rest of the album displaying a good try for thrash but just not. Me, Myself & I has a kick ass intro... but the chorus lacks a bit, still a good song. I'm going to skip through the album cause "most" of the songs are good but not worth a whole lot of mentioning. Good Day to Die has a very awesome acoustic intro, probably my favorite song on this album. Feeding Time at the Zoo tries to be thrash, doesnt quite succed but the funny lyrics makes a good mix for the song. There really are some weak songs on here. The song Bitch mixes some kind of groove rock with brass instruments and totally doesn't work. Pump It Up would be another song I would say is weak. Its got this cool bridge riff, but the verse and chorus riffs clash to much with the crappy vocals at this part making it sound terrible. I recomend this album if you really like Exodus, but if your looking for a thrash metal album this isn't for you.