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Great album with stellar production - 92%

overkill67, July 30th, 2004

Thanks to Chris Tsangarides who did the production on Painkiller (need I mention the band?) Exodus have released one of the deadliest sounding albums I've ever heard...listen to those EMG's crunch! When I say deadly, I mean deadly...this disc killed my stereo system in my car back when I was in high school. Lesson to be learned...Exodus are a force to be reckoned with mother fuckers! This was their last album to be released on Capitol records before being dropped by the label and pretty much vanishing for the next 5 years.
For some reason, unknown to me...this album gets very little recognition as being a great album. Everyone always seems to say, "Exodus...oh yeah, bonded by blood, or Fabulous Disaster". Are those albums great, YES, but by point of fact, everything that this band does is great...As far as I'm concerned this is the most mature sounding Exodus album of all time, the musicianship is top notch...especially from Gary and Rick who are undoubtebly the best guitar duo in the history of Thrash Metal. This album also marks the first time that Zetro ever did any clean style vocals (see Good Day To Die), and he executes them perfectly with melody and creative feel that is both rich and textured.
No point in breaking down every song, since every song is worthy to be heard. Aquire this album wherever you can find it...your metal collection is simply not complete without it.