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Good Riffs, Bad Ideas! - 67%

PowerMetalGuardian, June 21st, 2004

Exodus's Force of Habit has to be the number one Exodus album to not get! It's not bad, but this album has some copycat ideas, decent guitar riffs, but nothing else. The album starts off really cool, in fact the first three songs are decent songs. Thorn In My Side's opening riff is similar to Over Kill's Thunderhead. Me, Myself, and I has a real killer solo towards the end of the song.

Force of Habit sort of begins off in the right direction. Some of the riffs are very Over Kill like, in fact Souza sounds a lot like Bobby on this album. However this album hits an all time low during the fourth song. This song begins with a brass section! All one must ask is "What the Fuck?!" Honestly, are they trying to be Aerosmith. Were they shooting for Permanent Vacation? The song Bitch just totally sucks. If there is a good riff in this song, the brass section does a good job of blocking it out.

At least the rest of the album drops this concept and sticks to what it is does best. Writing semi- good thrash songs. The rest of the song on this album are fairly decent. There are a lot of good guitar riffs in these songs. In fact every song has a least two good riffs, but lack of effort and really crappy singing and song writing make this album crap. Two songs worth mentioning are: Architect of Pain, which is an eleven minute song featuring old school Exodus riffs (closest thing to the past on this album).

The second song is Feeding Time At the Zoo. This song lyrical wise is pretty stupid, especially with the phone conversation in the beginning, but the vocals and backing vocals on this song bring a little bit of old-school thrash back to life. Otherwise this album is a pretty worthless album for the following reasons: crappy lyric writing, getting away from ideology of thrash, trying to be like bands they are not, the whole song Bitch and its instrumental accompaniment. I would say this album would be good for your collection if you buy it for a couple bucks. Other than that its not a must have. Get it for the guitar riffs, but nothing else.