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Bay Area Thrash Monsters - 96%

metalstormimpaler, May 22nd, 2012

"This song ain't about no goldfish, and it ain't about no tuna fish, and it ain't about no trout! This song is called Piranha!!!"

Words spoken by the biggest metalhead ever. Exodus are originally from the good old Bay Area thrash movement along with bands like Possessed and Forbidden. What sticks out for me on this album is that the lyrics mainly talk about Lucifer, black magic, the occult, and the usual kind of stuff, but when I listen to the music and vocals, it doesn't seem Satanic. No, in fact it just seems like getting out aggression. I think Paul's vocal style fits superbly with this album, a true master at metal (R.I.P.)

The band's guitar solos aren't as fast and hardcore like Slayer's or Possessed's, but they have their own quality and are just right for this album. Now let's get down to the songs. Like other metal albums, this one has a title track, and a great one at that, too. Next we have the title track for the band. Not too bad, but nothing to get excited about. Alright, now were getting to the goods with songs like "And Then There Were None," which I think at one part the guitars sound really evil, but is kind of spoiled by Baloff's vocals. "A Lesson in Violence" takes me on a headbanging thrill ride of just wanting to thrash around in a mosh (don't they all though?). "Metal Command" tells about obeying your metal rights and fighting for them. Now here's an interesting track for you: "Piranha", a song not about aggression or Satanism, but about piranha. My favorite track on the album. To speed things up we ave other great tracks like "No Love", the long and evil "Deliver Us to Evil", and the fast "Strike of the Beast".

Now, you can't go wrong with this album if you love metal, but why wouldn't you if you're on this website? This was Exodus at their finest, thrashiest, and pure and simply evil. Now they did release other greats like "Fabulous Disaster" and "Impact is Imminent", but for me you have to choose "Bonded By Blood", a gem that will forever glow for eternity in the ever-growing thrash metal world. You can be certain of yourself that this album has influenced tons of soon-to-come metal bands and has brought years of joyful headbanging.