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Bang your head against the stage!!! - 94%

UltraBoris, August 18th, 2002

Oh my fucking goodness, if they had released this album as they had planned in 1984, this would have been so fucking lethal. Exodus would be universally recognised as the GODS of thrash metal, and Metallica's "Ride the Lightning" would've been an afterthought.

Even for 1985, when albums like "Hell Awaits" and "Seven Churches" were setting new standards, this album is a lethal dose of fucking brutality. The songs here are just sick - especially when heard live, but even on the studio album they come out sounding very sharp and very heavy. Some really good production here, that accents the riff work of Holt and Hunolt, and Baloff's fucking destructive vocal style.

What's lost in many reviews, though, is the melodic sense that this album has. Especially Gary Holt's work, which includes lots of really nice guitar leads, and also a general idea of how to make songs catchy. Witness "And then There Were None" for example, which has a very memorable melody under the chorus.

Highlights: the title track, because any band that encourages banging your head INTO physical objects is just too fucking great for words. Also, "Piranha", and "No Love" and "Exodus" - Hell, they're all really fucking solid. No ballads, not even the occasional silly midpaced moment, this is balls-out brutal thrash metal.