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ThrashFanatic, January 23rd, 2018
Written based on this version: 2008, CD, Century Media Records

So Exodus was formed in 1979 by then 16 year old Kirk Hammett. The group released a few demos, before being signed to Torrid Records. The and recorded Bonded By Blood in the summer of 1984. Due to a dispute with the record label over the artwork however, the album was held back from release. The album didn't release until April 25th, 1985. Now that the history is out of the way, let's get down to the musical content...

The thrash classic title track opens the record. Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt's violent riffs are fucking insane! The riffs are fast and most of all, it's THRASH! Rob McKillop is a good bass player but he's hard to hear due to the less than perfect production. Tom Hunting is a monster on drums, his performance is right up there along with Gene Hoglan's performance on Darkness Descends and Nick Menza's on Rust In Peace. He is a master drummer! Now the moment you've all waited for, the star of the show PAUL BALOFF!!! Baloff is the best thrash vocalist ever! His unhinged performance is unforgettable. He is constantly barking the lyrics out with sheer force, he is an absolute fucking legend!

"No Love" is one of the highlights, the acoustic intro is fantastic. Gary Holt shows just how creative and talented he is. The main riff is one of the best, and Baloff is amazing as usual. Another highlight is "Piranha" with it's violent main riff which will make you want to mosh violently and uncontrollably! The solos are downright INSANE!!! This is just the start however...

"Deliver Us To Evil" is the album's epic, clocking in at 7 minutes! This song is more mid paced but the riffs here are mindblowing! Baloff's vocal performance on this track is amazing, especially when he barks out these lines...

"Incubus in the sky, pentagram held high
Hell's filth hounds begin to bark, the bells begin to tone
Virgin lies in blood, the blood was once her own
The redness and the horror of blood, swept across the land I stood!"

I highly recommend this album to those who may only have heard of only the Big Four. Unfortunately, Exodus never topped this album, after Baloff left and eventually passed in 2002, Exodus wasn't and isn't the same. Zetro doesn't hold a candle to Baloff. This is THE Exodus album, Bonded By Blood is a thrash masterpiece!

R.I.P. Paul Baloff (Apr 25th, 1960 - FOREVER!)

Highlights: "Bonded By Blood", "No Love", "Piranha", and "Deliver Us To Evil"