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A Band Without Its Rabies Shots. - 92%

Metal_Jaw, March 26th, 2012

I'll just add my two cents. This is one of those albums that everyone has already said absolutley everything about. I just wanna sing my praises for this mean motherfucker as well. That said...BONDED BY BLOOD!

You heard everything right, folks. This IS one of the original thrash albums (nearly neck and neck with "Feel The Fire"). It IS one of the most ferocious and positively evil metal experiences you'll ever get ear-raped by. The late, great Paul Baloff will fucking shred your mortal physical husk down to the last atom with his homicidal, uncontrollable vocals. From a technical standpoint, he can't actually sing, but who cares when this great man is tearing your brain a new one with little more than his voice! Yes, Gary Holt and fellow cohort Rick Hunolt will obliterate your unready ass with their combined weight of uncontrollable, yet eerily technical guitar shredding. Think the guitars from "Kill 'Em All", but 666 times more vicious. Tom Hunting comes in on a fast attack with his unholy drumming; basically just double bass jackhammering, but man can this guy make it sound putrid and perfect. To be fair though, he does have some okay technical fills himself. Rob McKillop is on bass, or maybe not; you can't really hear it in this mix like many metal records in those days, but if he were more audible, I'm damn sure he'd add to the madness, too!

The songs are split into unhinged speeders and crushing mid-paced numbers. Good crushers include the epic "Deliver Us To Evil", its guitars ongoing in riff after riff in a frenzy of a long solo. HAHAHAHA! "And Then There Were None" is great too, with some of Baloff's more "mellow" (tee-hee, yeah right) vocals and some odd gang vox, but it's these speeders ya gotta love. The screeching "Metal Command" and the similar, slightly less aggressive title track come at ya with a flurry of guitars and drumming, truly commanding the listener to bang until nothing but blood and teeth remain. The classic "A Lesson In Violence" hurts all haters with its big, mean chorus and loud, evil solo. Then we have the legendary..."PIRANHA!"..."if you think you can live, you're a fool!". This is maybe the best song on here, having a simple, headbangable main riff, completely out of control screaming, and best off all, the entire second half of the song is Gary Holt going ape shit!

Overall, if you don't own this, you are NO metal fan! It's that simple. Get it now.