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Has some decent moments, but it's pretty overrated - 61%

Human666, April 9th, 2007

I could never understand the hype and the fervency that surrounds this album.
It has some decent moments, some killer parts, but a shitload of poor riffs and uninteresting vocals and lead guitars. I don't hate this album, I like half of it but not really so much that I consider it to be "one of the best albums ever". It's really not such dominant or outstanding, I don't feel anything special when I put this cd or when I play the riffs on my guitar. It's just has some nice riffs here and there but really nothing more.

The title track begins with unnecessary silent wind, or something which sounds close. Then the guitar comes in and the main riff repeat himself for TOO LONG. It's quite boring to hear the same riff over and over again for almost the whole song. There are maybe three riffs in all this song, the main one drags almost all the song, there is another one under the solo which sounds improvised and uninteresting and the riff in the chorus is average, but nothing more. The vocals sounds dirty and tough, but they just fits well the songs and doesn't increase something outstanding, they kinda average. All in all it could be much better song if they were trying to develop it a bit, it's becoming repetitive and dull when you stuck with the same riff for the whole song.

"Exodus" is a better track. The chorus is catchy and raw, the vocals more biting, the riffs aren't boring and the lead guitar sounds fresh and intensive. "A Lesson In Violence" is a decent one. It sounds a bit repetitive but it has a brutal mood in it and the track name really describes well how the song sounds. What ruins it are the lame solos which sounds like they were improvising some randomly notes on high speed and tried to break the speed of sound sounds so lame! Whats the point with writing a cool rhythm and then to fuck up the whole song with a goofy solos which sounds like 7 years old wrote by himself?

"Deliver Us To Evil" is a longer and more varied song, maybe the best one in this album. It has some sudden notes which sounds pretty good and some tempo changes here and there. It has a lot more riffs then the other songs and it has a nice groove and it's a really enjoyable track. The rest of the songs sounds average in the better case, and repetitive and boring in the worst case.

So, is it such a perfect album? Hell no! As I said there is a shitload of futile riffs which doesn't makes you feel anything and these lead guitars sounds like they wrote it two days before recording the album, saying the least ...
The vocals average, doesn't exciting or too much aggressive, the drumming sounds ok, the production is alright...actually I couldn't find anything which makes this album to become more than average. While listening to this album I can't fell something outstanding that never done before [or after] the album came out.
It isn't mind-blowing, groundbreaking nor special in any way. I often thinks here and there that "Hey! that's a nice kicking ass riff!" but nothing more. So it has some better tracks but some boring tracks, that's would have been 50 or so, but I decided to give it 61 because it was only 1983 or 1984 when they wrote most of the songs here, that's means they still did something different and weren't just imitation of their favorite bands. But seriously, this is what people calls perfection? Give me a break...