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Greatest. Thrash. Album. Ever! - 97%

HexDemon666, June 2nd, 2008

As it stands, Exodus is pretty much my favorite thrash metal band to date, and this album is all to blame. With razor-sharp and wickedly aggressive guitar riffs, gut busting drumming, and the legend that is Paul mother-fucking Ballof, this album pretty much destroys every other thrash classic. Kill 'Em All? Reign in Blood? Among the Living? Get the fuck outta here!

First off, Paul Ballof has some of the most unique vocals I've ever heard. He delivers a superb performance, but I wish the reverb sound on his vocals wasn't so high. But hey, that's 80's thrash for ya, so I'm not complaining. He can still wail like a banshee and it sounds beautiful.

Next up, the guitars. The riffs are amazingly intense. With high distortion, the duo unleashes both fast, furious riffing as well as some slower, ballsier riffs, such as in And Then There Were None. The solos are godly. They're not breathtakingly technical or anything, but they're fast as fuck and almost too loud. For example, on Piranha, the song is pounding along and when the first solo kicks in, I thought my ears were gonna bleed (in a good way).

Bass. I don't know. Seriously, I don't listen for it, so I don't really care.

And finally, the drums. Most of the songs are augmented by the traditional off-beat drum style usually associated with thrash metal. They're quick and in your face and they're not too loud or too quiet which is often a problem. Tom Hunting has some chops, there's no denying that.

This album is just full of awesome tracks. "All killer and no filler" as they say. I won't go into much detail about them, but some of the real highlights are Bonded by Blood, Exodus, And Then There Were None, A Lesson in Violence, Metal Command, Piranha, No Love, Deliver Us to Evil, and Strike of the Beast.

...shit, that's the whole album. Well fuck, it's just that good! I was listening through thinking "Well, this riff doesn't feel like I'm being raped by a tree branch, so I'll leave that one out", but then some other badass riff is introduced or the most vicious solo on the album so far kicks in and it's like, god damn, this song is amazing, too!

I feel like I haven't said ANYTHING about this album other than that it's abso-fucking-lutely amazing. But really, what is wrong with this album? The vocal performance is quite varied and intelligent, unlike a lot of thrash. It's not brilliant, but it's more than just screaming the whole way through. The guitars are simply godly and the drumming is technical and solid. The only thing keeping this from a 100% rating is the production value. It kills me that it doesn't get better than this, because I think this would be my favorite album ever if the quality wasn't so lacking. It's not so bad that you can't enjoy it, but it's definitely the weakest part of the entire album by far.

Needless to say, buy this. Even if you hate thrash, or metal, or music in general. Buy this or kill yourself.