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This is as good as it gets - 100%

ExodusAttack666, December 4th, 2016

If you don't like this album, Paul Baloff is gonna come into your house and kick your face and rape and murder your wife. This is the best album in all of fucking music.

The best part of this album is Paul fucking Baloff. Paul Baloff had a fucking aggressive voice, and he was such a fun frontman live. Paul Baloff's homicidal shrieks make the album a hell of a lot more aggressive. On every song Paul Baloff fucking shrieks his heart out, like he's ripping apart some poser's corpse! Nobody was ever as energetic as Baloff on Bonded by Blood. Paul Baloff had the most intense fucking voice on this album, shredding anything into smithereens in songs like "Piranha" and "Deliver Us to Evil". The riffs on this album kick multiple levels of ass, like in "A Lesson in Violence" and "Piranha". Gary Holt is the master of riffing, even beating out Slayer with their hellish second full length Hell Awaits. Holt and Hunolt's solos are absolutely chaotic, with legendary solo after legendary solo at the end of many songs including "And Then There Were None" and "A Lesson in Violence". The drumming of Tom fucking Hunting defined brutality up to that point, with Dave Lombardo's drumming on Hell Awaits.

Every song is a highlight reel of thrash metal. The best tracks on here are the hellish fast ones like "A Lesson in Violence", "Exodus", and "Strike of the Beast". Strike of the Beast is the ultimate mosher with brutal fucking drumming, chaotic solos, and homicidal riffs which kicks 666 levels of ass. The violent middle section disembowels your skin and disintegrates your fucking skull. "A Lesson in Violence" is fucking brutal as hell, and annihilates all in its path. It starts with a brutal main riff that makes you wanna fucking beat up the next person you see. The brutal drumming on this song proves that Tom Hunting beats the living shit out of Igor Cavalera. Paul Baloff screams like a fucking maniac in this song and the solos are chaotic. "Exodus" is a fucking beast, shooting everything that walks with a fucking machine gun and leaving in a pool of blood. Paul Baloff's shriek at the end is fucking legendary. The riffs are insane, the lyrics are fucking brutal, and the dynamic solos by Holt and Hunolt basically shit on anything before or after this. There's no stopping the Exodus Attack! Other amazing tracks include the mid tempo crusher "No Love", which starts with a classical acoustic bit, before going into a kickass riff written by the master Gary Holt, the hellish shrieks by Paul Baloff, and technical drumming. The demonic solos when the tempo speeds up are extreme doses of pure pissed off fucking energy! "Piranha" has 3000 crushing riffs that fucking grind everything to the fucking bone, along with the uncontrollable screaming of Paul Baloff, and some chaotic soloing at the end. And of course nobody could ever forget the classic title track, with its legendary riffs and homicidal solos.

Murder in the front row, crowd begins to bang, and there's blood upon the stage, bang your head against the stage, and metal takes its price! Bonded by Blood!